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Christmas Gonks

Gonks are becoming increasingly popular in the world of decorative ornaments, if you need a unique Chrismas decoration or a quirky addition to your home then a Gonk is the perfect way to create a novelty feel. At Gifts from Handpicked we have a wide range of Gonks which have vibrant colours, festive patterns, light up features and much more, we hope that you love them just as much as we do. You can place our range of Christmas Gonks anywhere in your home, light up a corner in your living room or decorate your dining room table with a wonderful Gonk, the possibilities are endless!

The first mention of Gonks dates back to the 1600's in Norway, they are known to be of folklore, many say that a Gonk is a protector from evil or harm, people put them in their home to act as a safeguard. However they are known to be mischievous and a similar theme to an elf on the shelf! No matter what sort of theme you are looking for in your home we can guarantee that our selection of Gonks will bring that kitsch yet comforting atmosphere that we all love at the seasonal times of the year.





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