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Christmas Gonks | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

Christmas Gonks | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

Did you know that Gonks are one of the most popular decorations to have for Christmas time? Over the years they have become more and popular, and we have a huge range of Christmas Gonks for you to enjoy. Originally, Gonks come from Nordic and Scandinavian mythology. Gonks have been made to include a mix of a gnome and a hobgoblin which makes them look so unique and special. From folklore, Gonks were known to take homes in barns or houses during festive season.

What we love about Gonks is the fact you can have them anywhere in your home! Whether it be in your living room, kitchen, bedroom or utility room, Gonks suit absolutely every home you could think of. Gonks can be decorated in the colourations of red and white, which is the traditional festive look that we all know and love. However in the modern day you can every type of Gonk from tartan, pastel, pink and more! 

If you were thinking of buying some Gonks for Christmas, why not explore our blog to find some of the amazing choices that we have on offer. They come from brands such as Heaven Sends and Gisela Graham, so why not have a look around our collection of Christmas Gonks today!


Heaven Sends Tartan Light Up Christmas Gonk

Heaven Sends Tartan Gonk

How amazing is this tartan Gonk from Heaven Sends. Featuring black feet, a red body and a soft grey beard. The statement piece we love on this Gonk is the colourful tartan hat and of course, the golden light up nose. Present this Gonk in your home to bring light to any room. It would look absolutely amazing in a tartan themed Christmas display!


Heaven Sends Grey and White Spots and Stripes Christmas Gonks

Heaven Sends Grey and Red Sitting Gonks

How about pair of wonderful Christmas Gonks! This set from Heaven Sends features two sitting Gonks, each decorated lovingly with stripes and spots as well as a traditional red and grey colour scheme. An affordable and charming set of decorations that can be placed anywhere, from your mantel piece, to your windowsill! How adorable are their little noses and soft white beards.


Heaven Sends Striped Hat Christmas Gonk

Heaven Sends Stripy Hat Christmas Gonk

Celebrate Christmas this year with some stripes. From Heaven Sends is this novelty Christmas Gonk which comes with a wooden nose for a rustic feel, as well as a bright white beard and a striped hat. The long and festive hat brings such a good feel of Christmas cheer that you simply cannot resist. We think this lovely little Gonk could make the perfect addition to your Christmas display, or how about a stocking filler for someone who loves unique decorations.


Gisela Graham Large Nordic Sitting Christmas Gonk

Gisela Graham Nordic Sitting Gonk

Looking for something a bit more nordic? Why not purchase this red and white Gonk from Gisela Graham. A truly magnificent sitting ornament that can also be used as a door stop if you wanted to! With a weighted feel, this sitting Gonk has a striking appearance that will make a statement in your home. How can you not love his stripy outfit and peeping nose. If you have just started to delve into the wonderful world of Gonks, this decoration is the perfect place to start.


Heaven Sends Gold Gonk Christmas Decoration

Heaven Sends Gold Gonk Christmas Decoration

Perhaps you prefer something more modern? Heaven Sends have created this glamorous gold gonk, which has been finished brilliantly with fluffy feet, a gold outfit and a marvellous gold hat. Have this standing decoration in your home to bring a bedazzling feel. If you have a gold themed Christmas display then this Gonk is the perfect addition for you. A unique and truly magical Christmas decoration that we absolutely love!


Heaven Sends Snowflake Grey and Red Christmas Gonks

Heaven Sends Snowflake Light Up Grey and Red Gonks

These have to be a favourite of ours here at Gifts from Handpicked. Featured with a simply stunning, knitted snow flake design and light up beards that will make you say 'wow.' These Gonks truly are a festive decoration that you cannot miss out on. Imagine these on your windowsill lighting up your living room, or perched on your TV stand to bring comfort to your home. The grey and white theme offers a heart warming and Christmassy feel, whilst the light up beards bring something extra special to these Christmas Gonks.


These aren't these only Christmas Gonks that we sell on our website! Click the link to explore the full collection and get your home looking extra festive this Christmas.

Happy Shopping!

The Gifts from Handpicked Team x