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Discover our wide range of Gonks on our website! To include Christmas Gonks, Halloween Gonks and many more, made from beautiful fabrics and patterns which express vibrant colours and accents of glitter and shimmer. Whether you are looking for a novelty addition to your Christmas decorations or a spooky character for your Halloween assortment, then look no further. Each Gonk is made to perfection with the most wonderful details and features to include light up noses, walking and talking movements and a spring in their step. 

Gonks date back to the 1600's in Norway folklore, they are known to be protectors of homes that get rid of evil and harm. Although they are known to have mischievous tendencies, alike to the elf on the shelf! Take one of these Gonks home with you from a selection of award winning brands, to include Heaven Sends & Gisela Graham, explore the collection below.