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Why Tourists Love Lovely Lincolnshire | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

Why Tourists Love Lovely Lincolnshire | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

Lincoln Cathedral

Lincoln Cathedral was once described by a Victorian writer as "out and out the most precious piece of architecture in the British Isles and roughly speaking worth any two other cathedrals we have." 

When visiting Lincoln it is very hard to miss the imperial and transcendent cathedral that practically landscapes the city centre. With reams of fascinating history that surround the cathedral there is no surprise that thousands of tourists travel from all over the country to witness the exceptional and charismatic building that is Lincoln Cathedral. 

The building of Lincoln Cathedral commenced in 1088 and was progressed throughout the medieval ages, through it's sky scraping towers made from stone that the cathedral is built on Lincoln Cathedral is the third biggest Cathedral after St Pauls Cathedral and the York Minister Cathedral. It is recognised for its gothic architectural design which is kept original and unique from the moment it was born, even though maintenance is often carried out on the cathedral it still has its natural and intricate features which were created years ago. 

The cathedral is an accent to the Lincoln town centre that is not to be missed, visit and you will be amazed by rose windows and wooden trusses along with imbedded Lincoln imps which hold a famous legend especially reflected by Lincoln Cathedral. You can read the story of the Lincoln Imp here for more detailed information on the 14th century legend.

This is only a brief case of what history Lincoln Cathedral holds, from the Magna Carta, wartime history and much more, Lincoln Cathedral is simply a treasure that is deserving of everyone's views. Visit Lincoln Cathedral and we can guarantee you will be amazed by its infrastructure and the simplistic consequential memoirs that it serves.

Lincolnshire Cathedral Landscape Photograph


The Bailgate

Every person who lives in Lincoln has probably heard of the Bailgate, more commonly known as the Bail, amongst Roman cobbled streets at the top of steep hill ( yes it has that name for a reason ) is a wonderous collection of shops, bakeries, galleries and much more. Most of these glorious places are still in original buildings and the Roman features still stand to this day to include East Gate and Newport Arch, one of the only surviving arches that is still used for traffic.

If you visit the Bail you will more than likely be whisked away by the mesmerizing smell of freshly cooked pastries or you might even fall into one of the unique and quirky boutiques which sell the most wonderful clothing accessories, jewellery and homeware. The Bailgate surrounds the complete area of Lincoln Cathedral, you will be sure to see the amazing sights of Lincoln whilst visiting and who knows you might just see the Lincoln Imp too! 

One of our favourite aspects of the Bailgate is the Lincoln Christmas Market which is held every year, filled with glorious market stalls that offer a variety of different gift ideas and products for everyone. We couldn't think of a better place to hold the Christmas market, with the authentic and traditional feel complete with the mouth watering smell of your favourite Christmas treats, what is not to love? If you are ever going to visit the Bailgate in Lincoln we highly recommend going whilst the Christmas market is on, trust me, you will not be disappointed. 


Lincolnshire Sausages

If you have ever heard of the name Lincolnshire you might of possibly heard of our famous sausages that are produced locally within Lincolnshire farms. Lincolnshire sausages are well known for their boastful sage flavour as well as their chunky ground texture which makes these sausages a family favourite. With a powerful and hard hitting taste these sausages are used in bakeries and restaurants around the UK, from sausage rolls, roast dinners,  sausage baps and many other wonderful tasting dishes. 

Farmers and people from Lincolnshire are so proud of their mouth watering sausages there is even a festival that is specially dedicated to Lincolnshire sausages. Visit the Lincolnshire Sausage Festival in the month of October to try a variety of sausage dishes, as well as meeting the chefs who make Lincolnshire sausages the most versatile sausage ever.

Tourists love Lincolnshire sausages as they are a county favourite, they are freshly produced and us yellow bellies take great pride in them. Venture into the centre of Lincoln town and you will be sure to find a delicious dish that contains Lincolnshire sausages, try them and let us know what you think!


Festivals and Fun Activities

There are so many things to do and see in Lincolnshire, aside from all the beautiful architecture and history there are a collection of activities and festivals that take place in the centre of Lincoln. From a Steam Punk festival farmers markets, dance festivals, The Lincolnshire Show and even a historic and spooky ghost tour! Whatever takes your fancy you can be sure to find plenty to do no matter your age or what preferences you may have. 

By now you should be able to tell that Lincolnshire people are proud of their food and their farmlands, visit the local farmers markets and be inspired by butchers, farmers and other amazing people who pride themselves in making the most gorgeous food products. Whether you like meat or sweet treats there is always a stall at the farmers market that will be sure to take your fancy, and the best thing about it is that everything is locally produced, organic and simply delicious! 

If you aren't a big foodie and like something a bit more dark and spooky then maybe our factual and yet haunting ghost tour will be more of an interest to you. Explore Lincoln by night by an educated tour guide who will take you through the streets of Lincoln and tell you about all the stories of the famous hauntings in Lincoln. You will learn more about the historical background of some of the buildings in Lincoln, as well as some of the deadly people who lived there. Give it a go, if you dare!

Lincolnshire is our home and it is what we know and love, we highly recommend you visit our interesting and simply delightful town someday. And if you ever find yourself looking for a gift or home accessory that you might not be able to find in the Bailgate or the shopping centre, why not visit our warehouse for some inspiration. 

I hope this blog has been beneficial to you in someway, whether it be giving you ideas for your next weekend away or simply informing you of some of the intriguing facts that Lincolnshire holds. For more things to do and see in Lincoln, as well as some more cultural background on our town you can explore the Visit Lincolnshire website here.