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What's in my bag? | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

What's in my bag? | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

Handbags are an important accessory that carry everything we need. Every handbag is different and features the essential items that we need in every day life. If you are missing some fundamental products then this blog post will give you some inspiration into all your handbag needs!


A large purse for spending!

A purse is a crucial item that you need to have in your handbag at all times, whether you need to carry money or any other valuables a purse is the perfect way to keep all coins, notes and cards safe. However; purses do not have to be boring and in an ideal world you will want one that is lovely in quality to last you for months to come. At Gifts from Handpicked we supply a beautiful range of large purses from the fabulous family run company Wrendale Designs. They come in an array of colours and designs which will keep you looking stylish and trendy all day long, they're also made from vegan leather too, which makes them the perfect accessory to keep in your handbag or maybe even gift. You can imagine how excited we all were at Gifts from Handpicked when these were delivered, so eager to get our hands on these pretty purses, so quickly snatch these beauties up for your handbag essentials!




A notebook or planner to keep you organised.

We all need a bit of organisation in our lives, to keep you motivated and on track wherever you go why not keep a notebook or diary in your handbag. You can doodle, take notes and use it to your advantage. Explore our website for our wide range of stationery and notebooks, they range in different designs so you can be sure there will be one that is perfect for you. Simply pop one of these marvelous notebooks in your bag to remind you of important tasks, you never know when you will need a piece of paper near by.

Here is a selection of a few notebooks that we stock at Gifts from Handpicked, to begin with there is an adorable hamster notebook from Wrendale Designs, a pink Unicorn themed notebook from Bluebell, a notebook to remind you of how amazing you are from Rachel Ellen designs and a 50/50 notebook from NPW.



For all glasses wearers, a stylish case.

This may not apply to all of you but us glasses wearers do need a safe space to keep our glasses. A perfect item to have in your handbag to keep glasses clean and safe, our range of glasses cases from Gisela Graham and Wrendale Designs can keep you trendy whilst looking stylish. I have picked out two beautiful designs that consist of floral patterning and vibrant colours which also come with a matching cloth so you can clean your glasses whilst on your travels. You can be sure that these glasses case will brighten up your day!




A compact mirror to keep you looking fabulous all day long.

Life can become so busy at times, running around from meetings whilst trying to juggle your family and social life. To make sure you stay looking top notch all day long we supply a variety of compact mirrors from one of our favourite suppliers Wrendale Designs. With stunning animal prints which are beautifully illustrated and a small compact design, these mirrors can fit so easily into any handbag. Whether you have a small shoulder bag or a large tote bag, any of these wonderful mirrors would fit perfectly into them. Touch up on your hair and makeup by using these compact mirrors, you can shop our full Wrendale Designs collection here!



These are just some of the wonderful designs that we supply of the gorgeous Wrendale compact mirrors. You can explore the full Wrendale Designs collection here for more wonderful products like these! From left to right we have a lovely pink compact mirror which the design 'Home Tweet Home.' Shortly followed by a vibrant yellow giraffe design, an adorable lively sausage dog design and to finish a fabulous llama design.




For lunch on the go, a delightful lunch box.

To keep up with the theme of a busy lifestyle an accessible lunch box is the perfect way to have lunch on the go, no matter where you are. If you take your handbag to work or simply need lunch for your travels, we have the loveliest lunch box for you to enjoy. This lunch box features a retro design with vibrant leaves, you can keep any food in this lunch box and be assured it'll be kept fresh all day long. Its compressed design means you can fit this stunning lunch box in any handbag and be good to go.



If you're looking for some lovely handbag accessories then I can assure you any of these gorgeous products would be fitting. You can shop any of these items on our website.

If you're looking for a new handbag to host all your accessories we also stock a wide supply of these too!