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What Socks Are You? Find Out Here! | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

What Socks Are You? Find Out Here! | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

United Oddsocks are a fabulous company who create a wide variety of boxed and single socks for all people and occasions. Their funky and fancy designs compliment their outgoing patterns perfectly. Whether you need socks for your flower loving Mum or perhaps your golf crazy Dad, you will be sure to find something in their wide selection. 


Are you an athletic person?

I wish I could answer yes to this question, I envy people who find pleasure in working out and exercising. However; if this is your department and you find nothing but love in the world of running, cycling and so fourth, then this range of sporty socks will definitely be for you. United Oddsocks have no trouble when it comes to creating socks for a variety of sporty people. The funky designs and bewildering patterns will be sure to make your feet stand out from the crowd. Here are just some examples of the socks that reflect an athletic personality. Whether you enjoy golf, cycling or simply a nice jog in the park I can assure you there is a pair of socks out there for you, or as a gift for someone. 

These are just a few examples of some sport socks that we sell, for the full range of United Oddsocks you can click here to find out more!



Are you a food and drink person?

Now this is much more up my alley! Who doesn't love a tasty treat or a drink now and again? Well you can believe that United Oddsocks had their thinking caps on when they came up with these two lovely boxes of socks. Everybody loves doughnuts don't they? These socks boast a glorious pink shade with sprinkles and other delightful accents that really make these socks look so delicious you just want to eat them! 

If doughnuts weren't delicious enough how about a refreshing glass of gorgeous gin in a pub garden? Sounds wonderful doesn't it. Featuring some charismatic gin glass designs complete with vibrant colours, you can have party fuelled feet!



Do you have a green finger?

Are you the sort of person who spends their weekends tending to their plants and weeding through your garden? These socks are suitable for men and women; you have a gardening themed fork it pair of socks for men and a floral pair of socks for women. I think a lot of us can agree that our Mum's and Dad's absolutely love gardening, and Mum's always appreciate some flowers. Why not give your Mum a more unique version of flowers with these blooming amazing socks! The perfect gift for Mother's Day and Father's Day

Or perhaps you are a keen gardener yourself, in which case treat yourself! You can never have too many pairs of socks and with these soft, beautifully designed pairs you simply cannot go wrong.



It's okay, you can admit it, are you a stress head?

Stress is something that every person in their life endures at least once, but for others it can simply be a more regular occurrence! If you know a definite stress head or are simply one yourself then these socks could bring a bit of humour to your stress filled life. These socks feature funky characters which resemble what we all probably look like when we are stressed out, who doesn't want to be reminded of that...

If you dare to gift these socks to a stress head let us know how it goes!

Are you an animal lover?

If you love animals as much as I do then this range of socks, whether they are for yourself or a special someone, will be sure to leave your feet looking cute and soft. Perhaps as well as being an animal lover you love nothing more than to sleep and to chill in your bed, these sloth socks are the perfect match for you. Nothing says comfort more than a pair of cotton sloth socks! 

What about those precious pooches? Dog's really are a family member and a best friend, these lovely socks feature dog faces and funky patterns so you can be reminded of your four legged friend all the time. 

Or if you are more of a cat person why not go for these purrfect kitty cat socks. You will absolutely love the adorable faces and matching patterns that adorn these socks. With the vibrant splashes of colour your feet can stay looking purrfect all day long!


No matter what your personality entails or what sort of person you might be we can guarantee that you'll find something in our selection of socks from United Oddsocks. Treat yourself to a set of these socks today or why not gift a pair to a close family member or friend, you can never have too many socks!