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We Went To The Go Digital Conference! | Gifts from Handpicked

We Went To The Go Digital Conference! | Gifts from Handpicked

Find out all about our day out at the Go Digital conference, which included an interesting day out that we took within our stride. Myself and Charlotte ( assistant manager ) undertook multiple workshops and listened to talks that included members from small businesses from in and around Lincolnshire.   

Our day started out with an abundance of pastries and delightful hot drinks that would make your mouth water. And us being the people we are ( who never say no to a freebie ) loved the selection! 
We made our way to the hall and were greeted by multiple different small businesses, we got chatting and met so many employees from small businesses. It was ever so inspiring and made us feel at home! 
To begin the conference was a talk from a member of the Go Digital family, followed on by a panel of small business owners, talking about how they have utilised the customer experience, and what makes their customer focus great. Speakers came from a range of small business backgrounds, such as Cognito, FizzCo and Private Healthcare Solutions. These were all Lincolnshire based businesses that started as a Japanese restaurant, a Christmas light company and a way to enable healthcare companies to advance their technology.
Throughout these talks we were met by ideas of how to improve our business day by day, and took inspiration from a range of ideas that small businesses use. 
After this we had an hour or so of workshops, which guided us through laws and regulations, newsletter ideas and how to create the perfect video for your social media.
We took away lots of ideas about what the customer of the future wants and needs, and how we can implement this into our work. With this in mind we went through to more talks, to include one that captured mine and Charlottes attention greatly. 
The last talk was from a woman called Cristina Criddle who worked for The Financial Times. Cristina spoke about the power of various social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, as well as futuristic elements of technology to include VR and the meta verse. The talk was highly interesting and made me and Charlotte think about all the different ways we could implement techniques into our work place. 

We found this conference really interesting and we are extremely thankful that we get the chance to go on conferences such as this one. We took some pictures from the day and hope you will enjoy looking at them!

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