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Unique House Warming Gift Ideas

 Unique House Warming Gift Ideas.

Take the stress out of gifting and become a savvy shabby chic shopper!

It’s not always straightforward to find unique house warming gifts that you’re confident people will appreciate. With hundreds of thousands of gifts on the market available from online shops to high street stores to your bespoke corner shop the possibilities are endless and the process can be very time consuming.

family noticeboard for organised householdsWe have all received the exciting news that our nearest and dearest have moved home and have been invited to a house warming party. The subsequent task in tow is to provide a gift as a token of longevity. Even if you know the person inside out it can still be an overwhelming task filtering through the array of gifts to source something firstly that they will like, secondly will use and thirdly will fit into their home design!  


The Rise of Shabby Chic


Equally we have all received a gift whether it be for a house warming, graduation or birthday that we have popped into a drawer never to be seen again!  With the dramatic rise in popularity of the ‘vintage’ and ‘shabby chic’ effect interior design, we at Gifts From Hand Picked have noticed a rise in sales of our popular shabby chic gift range. The inoffensive and un-overpowering gifts can often be the perfect solution for a house warming present as the core design works with nearly every home design.  

The collection ranges from the classic small drift wood woven decoration to be hung in any crevice of the house, through to gifting the ever useful heart shaped pin board often found in the heart of the house, the kitchen! Picture frames of varying sizes along with clocks have proven highly popular, due to the ability for gifts to look and feel handmade and therefore unique but also due to the amount of product you can receive for your money.  

If you are looking for the perfect gift, or are thinking of creating a gift list for yourself, do visit our Shabby Chic gift

Good luck and happy shopping!