Unicorn Craze!

Tuesday, 12 June 2018  |  Admin


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The new and exciting craze is all about unicorns. These mythical flying creatures have made their way into our lives without us even realising.

The trend has brought us Children’s themed unicorn parties with pony’s dressed as unicorns and their Maines coloured in rainbow colours, with cakes higher than ever before, topped in lashings of multi-coloured icing enough to make any children’s party 10x more hyper. 


There’s even unicorn cake decorating competitions held across the country…



unicorn cake decorating

Photo Credit: Rosanna Pansino



We also like to get involved in the unicorn cake eating here in the office at Gifts from Handpicked. These Mr Kipling Unicorn Slices went down well!



mr kipling unicorn cakes



And it’s not just the children, adults are getting involved too. Starbucks in the US for one week only added a creamy, multicoloured looking drink to their menu. Enticing hundreds of customers to drop their basic morning coffee and to put some sparkle into their commute.



starbucks unicorn creamy drink

Photo Credit: Starbucks



Then not forgetting the Unicorn Beach in the Philippines…yes you heard right there’s a whole beach front dedicated to these creatures. Equipped with pink everything, floating rainbow themed inflatable slides, bridges, swings and towers! A picture says a thousand words, I wouldn’t think twice about leaving work for the week and testing out this gorgeous beach.



unicorn beach in the philippines

Photo Credit: Cosmopolitan



A bit closer to home. If you’re thinking of heading on holiday this summer, be ready to share your pool with a million blow up unicorns. The amount of different designs of blow up unicorns in all shapes and sizes, some are just bizarre. Primark have even brought out unicorn nails to go with the rest of their unicorn themed range.



unicorn floting beach pool float

Photo Credit: Odditymall


Celebrities have also jumped on the band wagon. I’m sure we’ve lost count of how many cakes have been decorated on ‘This Morning’ by unicorn and rainbow lover Holly Willoughby, with her on screen partner Phillip Schofield. She even dressed up as one for a Halloween special. Niki Minaj also used blow up unicorns in her music video the summer of 2017, maybe that’s where all these blow up unicorns have come from!



holly willoughby unicorn outift




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Here at Gifts from Handpicked we stock a great selection of unicorn stationery, bookends, tins, nightlights, lunchbox’s and lots more great gift ideas for children, teenagers and women.


unicorn items in stock



With lots of different suppliers, designs, colours and exciting new bits throughout the year we will be adding to the range.  Every time a supplier has a new launch we can see the unicorn on their.  On our latest diaries there is even a Baanicorn and a Moonicorn.  If you're not sure what these are take a look at our new year mid year diaries.


At our latest trade show we saw the new trend of Llamas starting to emerge with a unicorn twist... but we've decided not to be trend setters on this one and stick with the best selling unicorn range!!


Make sure you check in at Christmas as we even have Unicorn Tree decorations arriving.  A new sparkly addition to your tree where in this modern day tradition has been overtaken by wild and wonderful decorations!


Whilst girls are loving everything unicorns, adults are also spreading the love with the quote "Always Be Yourself, Unless You Can Be A Unicorn, Then Always Be a Unicorn"


We started stocking unicorn gifts over a year ago and think this trend is here to stay. We will definitely be adding more gift and homewares to our Unicorn range!




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