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Travel Map Pinboards, The Perfect Travelling Gift | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

Travel Map Pinboards, The Perfect Travelling Gift | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

Made from cork and framed with lovely, neutral colourations, the Xystos pinboard travel maps are a fantastic gift idea to give to your friend or family member. So grab your boarding passes and get ready to jet off all around the UK, Europe and the world.

These luxurious gift ideas come with pins so the recipient can pin everywhere they have been in the World, Europe or the UK! Reminisce and remember those special places you have visited, you can also plan your next adventure that you can then add with the pins! 

These travel maps look wonderful in any home, simply display on a statement wall to show off your travels. A lovely way of getting your family or partner involved in planning the next trip.

We can see why they are one of our best sellers on the website, so let's tell you all about them!

Splosh Travel Maps

Whether you are jetting off sometime soon or want to plan your next trip, our pin board travel maps are a lovely way to document each time. We have 4 different types of travel map for you to enjoy on our website, to begin with, we have two world maps that come in two different colours.

If you know someone who is very well travelled, this pin board map is a great Christmas gift idea for them. Completed with multicoloured pins, you can pin each place that you have been in the world. Have you been to Australia? America? Africa? Pin the board to remind yourself of the incredible memories you have.

Present this pin board in your kitchen or living room and when you have been to a new place you can pin the board with your partner or family member. It doesn't matter if you have a dark colour schemed home or a grey home, choose your travel board for your home and enjoy your travels straight away.

There is a reason why these fabulous pin boards are best sellers on our website, the most incredible Christmas gift idea or birthday gift idea. If you are struggling to find a present for your loved one who is a keen traveller, why not go for this brilliant pin board gift idea.

Splosh Travel Maps

We understand that not everyone wants to go all around the world in 80 days! For those who prefer the Europe area and the United Kingdom, these travel maps are a delightful option too!

These smaller maps are much more versatile for all sorts of recipients. Whether it be your Auntie, Uncle, Cousins, Sisters or Brothers, these Europe and United Kingdom travel pin boards maps make wonderful retirement gift ideas, for those who want to spend their retirement travelling around.

Or maybe you could use one of these travel maps as a new home gift idea! With contemporary grey displays, these pin boards will look amazing in any home.

Simply stand them up in your home office for some inspiration for your next United Kingdom or European getaway. 

Like the large maps, these smaller maps also come with pins for you to use. Simply display these maps in your home and get pinning to any European or UK places that you have visited.

Pin places such as Spain, France, Switzerland, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and more! As time goes on, you can look back at these incredible maps and be so proud of all the places you have visited and all of the memories you have made.

To conclude this blog, if you are in need of a travelling gift idea for someone special in your life, these pin boards from Xystos are a brilliant option. With so many recipients that they can be suited for, and a range of different designs, you cannot miss out on these unique and enchanting travel boards. 

Wanderlust is something most of us will experience in our lives, and for those who delve into it more than others, these travel pin boards will be able to accompany you on the way. If you want to visually see all of the places you have visited and the more places you can go, there is nothing like these travel pin boards from Xystos.