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Traditional Christmas Decorations For The Festive Season | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

Traditional Christmas Decorations For The Festive Season | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

So, where did Christmas decorations come from in the first place? Traditional can mean so many different things to different people so it is important to recognise the origin behind Christmas decorations and what actually makes them 'traditional.' 

We know Christmas decorations to be ornaments of all sorts of different shapes and sizes, but nowadays they are nothing what they once were! Christmas decorations are believed to have originated from 16th century Germany, however they were not made from glass, resin or ceramic, people back then used to decorate their evergreens with the likes of fruits, nuts and candles. Through history it is thought that the tradition of decorating your Christmas tree was transported to England where Christians took it up as a ritual, this is where it spread across the rest of the world, and now every year, millions of people decorate their own Christmas trees with the likes of modern baubles, felt characters and much more. 

Now that we know where the origin of Christmas decorations came from, it is time to look at what makes a decoration traditional, because I can guarantee that not many of us are adorning our branches with fruits and candles! When Christmas decorations began to evolve throughout the world companies would make decorations based on the stereotypical themes of Christmas and what came with them, this could be anything from a winter Robin, to a train. They would also use the classic festive colours to include reds and greens, so this is ultimately what we would class as a 'traditional' Christmas decoration. 

Lucky for you, if you are a lover of all things traditional, we have handpicked a few of our favourite Christmas decorations which we think would make the perfect addition to a traditional display Read on to find out more!


 Gisela Graham Resin Mouse Solider Christmas Tree Decoration 

Guard mouse resin christmas tree decoration from gisela graham

Gisela Graham has intertwined tradition and a touch of glitz and glamour with this solider mouse Christmas tree decoration, with the classic colours of red and gold this decoration represents a solider or Queens guard if you will. The traditional aspect reflects a Nutcracker sort of stance, along with a sparkle of gold that is beautiful when it hits the light. Although dainty in size this decoration is guaranteed to give you an effortless finish which is effective on any Christmas tree. With the aspect of a mouse being the character you cannot go wrong with this adorable decoration, place it on your Christmas tree for a piece that you can enjoy for years to come. 


 Heaven Sends Nutcracker Scene Christmas Snow Globe

heaven sends nutcracker scene christmas decorative snow globe

To keep with the Nutcracker theme, we have this simply gorgeous snow globe from Heaven Sends. Delicately created to include red, gold and green, with an almost royal looking patterning on the base and a long-established scene that all you Christmas lovers will know. Gently shake this globe to reveal the magical scenery that this decoration displays, to include a towering Christmas tree surrounded by elements of festivities, you cannot get more traditional than a rocking horse, drum and Nutcracker character! 


 Gisela Graham Felt Snowman Christmas Tree Decoration

gisela graham felt snowman christmas tree decoration

Although felt Christmas decorations have only just begun to climb up the popularity ladder, they are definitely a traditional ornament which are adored by all who lay eyes on them. But it is the hand crafted creatures that are made which determine whether the decoration is traditional or not. On this occasion this delightful snowman is a classic version of the winter wonderland character which is guaranteed to take you back in time, whether you have watched Jack The Frost or created your very own snowman when you were younger. From its knitted scarf to the black felt top hat, we love this dainty decoration and know anyone who likes timeless pieces will too!


 Heaven Sends Glass Angel Christmas Tree Decorations

heaven sends glass angel christmas tree decoration

If you are looking to create a traditional display then featuring angels should be one of your main priorities! We have multiple decorations on our website that reflect the joyous design of angels but these new and exciting hanging ornaments are the perfect way to incorporate effortless glass and the classic angel display straight into your home. These three large angels have a dimpling pattern with a simplistic gold halo and elegant stance, delicate and graceful yet gorgeous on Christmas tree. We know that these glass angel Christmas decorations will be a winner for a lot of people who are looking to recreate the classical display of Christmas. 


 Gisela Graham Lace Design Christmas Tree & Stars Garland

gisela graham christmas lace detailing garland

We all need a Christmas garland in our home! They are often very simple in design but make such a pretty scene that we can all enjoy, this particular one from Gisela Graham includes stars and Christmas trees, complete in classical red and green colours with a lovely white lace detailing. Whether you use this garland on your Christmas tree or simply have it adorned from a curtain pole, we know that it will make the most amazing Christmas decoration, Gisela Graham always make their decorative items to such high quality and standard so you can enjoy this garland for years to come.


 Heaven Sends Set of 5 Traditional Nutcracker Christmas Tree Decorations

heaven sends traditional nutcracker christmas tree decorations

If you love the traditional Christmas Nutcracker as much as we do then you will love this fabulous set of Christmas tree decorations. From the gracious brand, Heaven Sends, these Nutcrackers come in a set of 5 with each Nutcracker displaying a different theme and look, all classic in nature and beautiful in design you can mix and match these Nutcrackers or simply place them all together for the perfect festive display, what is not to love? 


Gisela Graham Mixed Berries & Pinecone Christmas Wreath

gisela graham mixed berry and pinecone christmas wreath

One of our favourite Christmas decorations for the home and outdoors is a lovely wreath, we have picked out this Gisela Graham mixed berry and pinecone wreath from their gorgeous Christmas collection. Made with faux pinecones and berries this wreath includes magical accents of red and green, complete with a subtle sparkle that glistens gracefully, you can include this wreath in your kitchen or living room as an added statement piece, or why not put this wreath on your front door to greet your family and friends at Christmas time. 


At Gifts from Handpicked we are constantly finding products that everyone will love, no matter your style or favourite colour! With products being uploaded every week make sure you keep a look out for more traditional Christmas decorations that we know you will love. With a range of different brands you can explore our website for a collection of different ornaments for your home and Christmas tree, to include felt, resin, glass and much more. We hope you love this blog and find some amazing traditional Christmas decorations, if you want to have a look at more like these you can look at our Christmas shop for some more inspiration.