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Throw A Halloween Party

October- Forget the trick, these tasty treats are ideal for Halloween

Halloween is great fun, and this particular event is one thing that we always look forward to here at Gifts from Handpicked. We stock a range of fun and spooky Halloween decorations that can transform your home and garden into a spooky place for little ghouls to get their sweetie fix!

But the fun doesn’t stop there. To make sure that everyone has an amazing Halloween, we have put together some of the best Halloween recipes that we have seen on the web, giving you some inspiration to cook up a storm in the kitchen.

Blood beetroot cocktails

Thinking of throwing a party and want to give your guests a spooky tipple? This cocktail recipe is a sure-fire way to get them talking. Not too tricky to make the main ingredients are prosecco and apreol and the blood curdling look comes from a beetroot lemonade.

Scary Halloween Jelly

If you want to treat the kids to something fun during Halloween then this recipe is not only tasty but is great fun too. The jelly itself is simple to make, but what makes this recipe all the more different, and decidedly Halloween themed is to grapes, lychees and jelly beans to create a finger and eyeball effect that they will love.

Spooky spider chocolates

Short on time but still want to make something fun for Halloween? This easy recipe is a sure fire way to get everyone smiling. It involves oreo biscuits and oodles of chocolate, melting it over the time top to make a spider like effect. You can then use liquorice to create the legs and you have an awesome treat that everyone will love.

Pumpkin risotto

One of the best love parts of Halloween has to be carving pumpkins, this messy activity is one that the whole family can join in with. But what to do with all the bits that you remove? Some people throw it away as they simply do not know what to do with all that pumpkin flesh, but this is a real shame. Instead, why not use it to create something delicious for tea? Pumpkin is a little bit different to what you may normally eat, but it is definitely something worth trying, and using it in a risotto is a simple recipe that involves the whole family.

Here at Gifts from Handpicked we think that Halloween doesn’t always have to be about sweets. Instead it could be about a variety of delicious treats too. Just make sure that you take a look at our website and find the ideal Halloween decorations to transform your home whilst you are busy in the kitchen.

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