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This Is Halloween 2021! | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

This Is Halloween 2021! | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

Halloween In The Home

Get into the Halloween spirit and decorate your home in every spooky, scary and splendid way with our collection of decorative homeware. With our new and exciting collection we can inspire you for every room of your house! Below you can see how we have used some of our new in range to make a neutral kitchen appear more vibrant, with speckled pumpkin items and a few of our Witch gonks to adorn a kitchen side. For a closer insight into these products read on to see how you can make your home into a haunted house this Halloween. 

When decorating your home for Halloween it is important to bring a warm and yet eerie feel to the corners of your room. Within our Halloween collection we have a selection of light up decorations that will be guaranteed to offer a gorgeous glow. With the simple switch of a button, and a delightful pumpkin design, our range of light up Halloween decorations are the perfect home accessory for any type of person. Whether you like a speckle of decorations or love adorning your house head to toe, having a simplistic yet effective light up decoration is the best way to bring the fun of Halloween into your life. Our top three light up Halloween decorations are two from the award winning brand Heaven Sends and an equally delightful set from the well known designer Gisela Graham. You will be able to see from pictures that these decorations come in three different materials so there will always be one to suit your style. For the more traditional decorative person we have a ceramic light up pumpkin person, for someone who likes a more modern approach to their ornaments we supply a velvet trio of pumpkins which light up to create a fantastic piece and finally we have a pair of two LED light up pumpkin decorations from Gisela Graham.

Now I am not sure about you, but until 2021 I did not even realise gonks existed! These new, fabulous creatures are taking the world by storm and feature an array of different designs for times of the season. At Gifts from Handpicked we have managed to hand pick two wonderous witch gonks which would make the perfect addition to your Halloween decorations. Featured in two spectacular designs for you to choose from, it is hard not to go gonk crazy! Our standing witch gonk features metal legs and an orange and black hat which sparkles beautifully with a lovely golden shine, faceless but with a simply humorous nose and matching gloves, you will not be able to resist this adorable character. This witch gonk would take great pride in any home no matter where you put it, what more could you want this Halloween? Our second design of gonk has a more vibrant pumpkin orange theme, with a weighted design you can have this witch as a Halloween accessory or you could even use it as a door stop, the choice is completely yours. Designed with all aspects of Halloween in mind, the hat is decorated with ghoulish bats and a long white beard that is very soft to the touch. Textures are a wonderful aspect to incorporate into your home for the Autumnal season, so this Halloween why not do just that!

To carry on the ghoulish theme of Halloween, it is important to remember that storage and kitchen accessories are still essential. That is why we believe this Emma Bridgewater Halloween themed storage tin is a necessity in your kitchen in the month of October. Use for all the trick and treaters that come to visit, hand out delicious delicacies from this tin whilst having a stylish and trendy accessory that all your friends and family will love. This tin features a variety of gorgeous illustrations which reflect the colours of Halloween whilst having a country themed twist. If you have a sweet tooth or know of someone who does, this Emma Bridgewater Halloween tin could make the perfect gift idea for this time of the year, and we can guarantee that all you Emma Bridgewater fans out there will be snapping it up in no time. 

We all know that everybody loves felt when it comes to decorations and adorning your home with seasonal ornaments. On our website we have a whole collection of felt characters that would make your Halloween display look amazing! From mice, witches, wizards, cats and even ghoulish ghosts, the choice is yours when it comes to these personality filled creatures. Two of our personal favourites ( although we love them all ) is a felt witch mouse from the award winning brand Gisela Graham. Featuring an adorable Halloween themed witch hat and riding on her broomstick, it is hard to not want to keep this decoration up all year round. If you have a Halloween twig tree you could use this felt witch to decorate its branches, we know it would look wonderful. Our second choice of felt decoration is a humorous Halloween cat, also from Gisela Graham. There is something that makes us giggle about a cat wearing a skeleton costume! I guess everyone can take part in the Halloween fun. Finished with a pumpkin ornament, this decoration simply SCREAMS Halloween, and we know you will love it just as much as we do.

These are only a few of our Halloween decorations that we supply on our website, we have a full new and exciting range that we are updating weekly which you can explore. Simply click here to find our Halloween collection, from brands such as Gisela Graham, Heaven Sends, Emma Bridgewater and more! 

The whole team at Gifts from Handpicked hopes you have a spooky yet fun Halloween, stay safe and enjoy decorating your homes.