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The Perfect Guide To The Perfect Gift For Any Occasion

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The Perfect Guide To The Perfect Gift For Any Occasion

If your finding it hard to find that perfect gift for someone or if you've spent hours searching for something special, only to come up with absolutely nothing, we've created this handy guide so you can find out whatever you need to know about gifts.

After all, at times, it may feel like no matter what you do - you just can’t find anything that represents “them”, we put the personal approach into gift buying.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the one time of year you get to show your appreciation for the woman who raised you, so why not make it extra special by treating her to a well deserved weekend away or even a holiday? After all, you know more than anyone that she absolutely deserves it. This travel wallet could be great for her to take on her next big adventure and is a luxurious gift choice.  You can keep everything safely in one place and it's a great way for you to try and stop any last-minute disasters from happening along the way. 


Father’s Day

Father’s Day, in a way, can be just as hard as Mother’s Day. After all, the father figure in your life probably has everything that he could ever You've probably exhausted every single gift option that you can think of, but if you want to buy him something really special this early retirement fund could be for you. After all, it's a fun light hearted gift, surprise him with something that will really make his day.


If you are bored of the same old hype around buying Easter Eggs every single year and you want to do something different then look no further to choosing an extra special gift. Tying in with the theme of Easter these ceramic egg cups are great. You can give them as a funny gift to someone at work who you know loves eggs in the morning. The possibilities are truly endless!



Christmas can be an expensive time of year to say the least. Buying that special gift is a great way to show the people you care about just how much they mean to you.


Decorating your home for Christmas starts the festivities early... we're not complaining. When they're displayed in the home they'll really bring the Christmas spirit to life. We love this 'Merry Christmas Sign', perfect for couples or families moving into a new house just in time for Christmas as well!

Valentine’s Day

Do you have a special someone in your life? Tired of buying them sterotypical roses time and time again. There are so many gift options out there now, you just have to know where to look! Buy them a gift that comes from the heart, and what better way than with our Valentines range.  Choose from romantic to novelty depending on the personality of your valentine!





Having a child Christened is a huge celebration, one that should be remembered and shared for years to come. After an invite, its what gift do I take with me? For some inspiration we love this Christening photo album by East of India, we think it's such a great choice, and you would be surprised at how easy it is for you to make someone’s day with it. Pre fill it with lovely photos of you and the baby so far, or make sure to take lot of photos on the special day and fill it!


House Warmings

Buying a new house is quite possibly one of the biggest investments that you will ever make in your life and of course a stressful one! If you know someone who is moving home make their day by buying them a thoughtful, useful gift. This cream rope ball makes an excellent door stopper, which is always handy when you're trying to carry bags from one room to another. They’ll love how it fits in with any theme in the home, nautical or otherwise.


Wedding Presents

Marriage is a huge deal and if you have been invited to someone’s wedding this will show they want you to play a part in their special day.

When choosing what gift to take with you  you might want to think about what the bride and groom are like. If they're funny, bantery sort of people you could get them a humorous present, vouchers are a good idea too or money towards honeymoon spending would be appreciated. We have lots of savings jars perfect for this.  This happiest bride and groom sign would make a great idea too, perfect to hang to reminise about the big day.

1st Anniversary: Paper

Now we’re moving onto some of the more personal gifts that you can pass on to the love of your life. Your wedding day was quite possibly one of the best days of your life and when you look back on it there's a high chance that you will feel nothing but joy. For that reason, when your first anniversary comes along, you’ll want to give your loved one something that they can truly cherish, this Anniversary Book is ideal. .  The perfect 1st Anniversary gift with it being paper!  Fill in once a year through your married life, add a photo and reflect on the year that has just gone by.  Year by year on your anniversary it will lovely to read the memories and see how you change on your yearly photograph!!  A perfect gift for a husband or wife or as a gift for a couple.


We love how many different personalised items there are out there too! Etsy has so many cool, unique gift ideas perfect for saying just what you really mean. We love this personalised polaroid themed keepsake. It includes a lovely long quote about being in a perfect relationship with your partner, at the bottom it can be personalised with your names or anniversary date.  If you have time to be personal this will be a first anniversary winning gift!  and will be supporting small businesses too which we love!!



2nd Anniversary: Cotton

The cotton anniversary is the second anniversary that you'll have as a married couple. It's great to keep up with the romantic theme. This gift is ideal if you want to show your loved one how much they mean to you and it's also great if you want to show them how much love and support you have for them now until forever. This is one gift that you won’t regret buying and it is a great way for you to show them how much they mean to you.  Why not personalise with photographs and selfies or add a ticket for a date night or weekend away.  It's so easy to be romantic! 

3rd Anniversary: Leather

The leather wedding anniversary is an exciting time for you both. This is the third anniversary that you'll have experienced together and it is a great time for you to look back on all of the times that you have spent together, photo albums are a great idea for this. You could choose a leather one, there are personalised options out there! .  

A pandora leather bracelet is another 3rd Anniversary gift idea.  Available in different coloured leathers and styles they are available for both men and women.  By buying this bracelet you are making future gift buying easy.  Add charms at birthdays and Christmas time to create a sentimental bracelet in years to come.

4th Anniversary: Fruit Or Flowers

You may not want to give your loved one flowers on your fourth wedding anniversary and this is especially the case if you have surprised them with them every other year. This candle is the next best thing.  It shows them just how you feel about them and it even smells great too! Get the best of both worlds... a lovely flowery designed gift box with a gorgeous candle that smells devine inside.  


5th Anniversary: Wood

The wood anniversary is your chance to really go that extra mile for your loved one.  The wood anniversary is your chance to be super romantic, so go and sweep your loved one off their feet.  You can choose a wooden plaque with sentimental words, wooden hearts and wicker wreaths.

Our choice at Gifts From Handpicked would be to surprise them on your anniversary and tell them how much they mean to you with breakfast in bed..served on our gorgeous popular bluebell placemats. With a Mr and Mrs set avaliable along with every letter of the alphabet too, the posibilities are endless with these coasters and placemats.

10th Anniversary: Tin Or Aluminium

Wow, the tenth wedding anniversary. At this point, you will probably have so many photos that an album just won’t quite cut it anymore. Why not treat yourselves or your partner, friends or family to a keepsake box. They can store all of their favourite memories, even go through it from time to time with the kids. This is great if you have lots of sentimental items from over the years and it's also a great way for you to show them how much you care and cherish them.


15th Anniversary: Crystal

Why not treat your partner to a real crystal.  Available in a variety of colours to represent their birthday month, or be a romantic and choose the coloured stone of the month you got married, what a lovely idea!


We found these really cute necklaces on etsy. Click on the photo to find out more.  Whilst your in their store search for other crystal items, you will be surprised what weird and wonderful gifts you can find!




20th Anniversary: China

Now you would have thought with it being the China anniversary, that you should buy them something that's made from China. This is not the case at all and you really can buy them whatever you want but, we do love this lovely china mug. Cleverly designed to say 'I love my wife', how cute. When hot drinks are poured in the text changes to 'I love it when my wife lets me go to the pub'. What a funny gift idea!  However if you are looking for a more sentimental china gift as after 20 years you will know my now that they are your soul mate, the East of India mug might more suit the old romantic.

30th Anniversary: Pearl

It’s quite an achievement to get to a pearl wedding anniversary and going by the name I know women will be expecting jewellery on this anniversary!  Pearls are beautiful and are available as earrings, a necklace or bracelets.  They come in different colours too.   You will be spoilt for choice and have decisions to make!  For men pearl cuff links or a tie pin are available too!


35th Anniversary: Coral

This anniversary stumps a lot of people, after all you may find it hard to even know what coral is, and where to buy it!

Therefore you will find the internet will give you some weird and wonderful ideas for this anniversary.  Our favourite find is this lovely sundial that has been beautiful engraved.  Have a look online and see what you can find!


40th Anniversary: Ruby

The Ruby anniversary is one that a lot of people look forward to. It gives you the chance to celebrate the life that you've had so far together.

Find yourself a favourite photo and put it in this gorgeous frame to show your loved one just how much you care about them. Maybe even give as a gift to a special couple on this special day.

This gift is a great idea too for for if you have a wedding coming up!

45th Anniversary: Sapphire

The Sapphire wedding anniversary is one of the most special wedding anniversaries that you will ever have. It is an incredible time for the two of you and you'd be surprised at how many gifts you have received/given throughout the years. 

Stuck for ideas? Here at gifts from handpicked we love this plaque "Rules For A Happy Marriage".  I am sure by this anniversary that you will be able to write your own set and share your values to loved ones who will be in admiration of your happy achievement.

50th Anniversary: Gold

It's the big one! Not many people make it to this milestone in their lives so treat the woman or man in your life with a gorgeous present from the heart.

Treat them to a night away in a fancy hotel, a spa day, afternoon tea or maybe a day at the races. There are lot of great ideas online. Create some more special, romantic memories.

Alternatively a golden watch would also be the perfect gift!!!




60th Anniversary: Diamond

The biggest anniversary that you could ever hope to have! The diamond anniversary is special for a huge number of reasons and it's also one of the many occasions that really gives you the chance to show your loved ones how special they really are.  A family gathering with a diamond anniversary cake and a buffet lunch would be the perfect occasion.  Time to shine the diamond engagement ring or why not add to your finger with a new shining jewel.  After 60 years you deserve it!











If you ever get stuck when gift buying, give them the best gift of all, a voucher!  Wether this is for a shop or an experience day it is sure to be well received!  Here at Gifts From Handpicked we have vouchers, they'll love the variety of gifts they can buy themselves.  Wether it is a new home accessory or some new stationery.  We have a great variety and cater for all ages and personalities!


Here we have listed just a few of our favourite ideas for you to choose from, but there really are so many more out there. When you start looking for yourself, you can be sure to make the most out of all your purchases.  Take your time when gift buying as the perfect present is out there!

This handy guide of presents for birthdays, anniversaries, Mothers and Fathers Day and much much more are just a few ideas and things we love to give as gifts.

It's always someone's birthday somewhere around the world!!