The Different Types Of Dad | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

26 May 2022

The Different Types Of Dad | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

Every single Dad in the world is different, they have different hobbies, and their personalities differ a lot! But no matter what our Dad's are like, we love them all the same. As Father's Day is approaching, I thought it would be a good idea to start looking into what different types of Dad's there are. You will also notice that there will be different products for each kind of Dad that there is! Just in case you needed any Father's Day gifting inspiration. But if anything, I think that this blog will be great for us all to look at and to laugh at how our Dad's act sometimes. 


The Sporty Dad!

Sporty Dad Blog Banner Image - Father's Day Gift Ideas

Is your Dad the sort of man who goes out at the weekend and puts his football boots on? Or maybe he goes out early in the morning biking. If your Dad is of the sporty variety, who likes being active in his day to day life, then these gift socks from United Oddsocks would compliment him perfectly. These socks seem to match any sport you could think of perfectly! From triathlons, golfing, football and even rugby, pop these novelty socks on your feet and amazed at their savvy style. We really envy those Dad's out there who love being sporty and active, but if your Dad loves it then you know where to go next when you are looking for his birthday or Father's Day gift idea.

Linked below are the products shown in the image:

United Oddsocks Sporty Sockathlon Men's Socks 

United Oddsocks Nice Try Men's Rugby Socks 

United Oddsocks Crazy Golf Men's Socks

United Oddsocks Free Kick Football Socks


The Grumpy Dad!

Grumpy Dad Blog Image

There is absolutely no shame in being grumpy, especially if you are a Dad who has to put up with your sons and daughters causing havoc! Gift any of these gifts to a grumpy Dad who needs cheering up a little bit. From a set of grumpy themed socks to a grumpy git mug, you can be sure to get some giggles out of these products. Present to your Dad for Father's Day as a novelty gift idea and see what he thinks of it! A wonderful fashion accessory and a kitchen accessory, what more could you want?

Linked below are the products shown in the image:

United Oddsocks Men's Grump Heads Socks 

WPL Grumpy Git Novelty Mug


The Beer Obsessed Dad!

Beer Dad Blog Image

If your Dad loves a bottle of beer, we have a variety of beer themed gift ideas which will be sure to take your fancy. From Widdop Gifts and United Oddsocks these gifts are perfect for birthdays, Christmas and Father's Day. Gift him a bar sign for his man made mini bar in the garden, or how about some beer themed socks to make him have the funkiest feet in town! Have we mentioned the EXTRA large beer stein or the novelty bottle opener. We know that any beer obsessed Dad would love any of these items. Put your feet up ( with the coolest socks of course ) and crack open a cold one.

Linked below are the products shown in the image:

Widdop Bar Rules Novelty Plaque

United Oddsocks Bottoms Up Beer Themed Socks

Widdop Extra Large Beer Glass

Widdop Novelty Best Dad Ever Bottle Opener


The Gardening Dad!

Gardening Dad Blog image

If your Dad has a green finger then why not treat him to some lovely gardening themed gift ideas! Whether he is out digging up flower beds or simply loves mowing the grass, we have a range of gifting ideas that are guaranteed to make him smile. For example, we have some lovely Gnome themed socks and even some garden tool pens. Please note that you won't get very far if you try and garden with these humorous pens! It is sometimes difficult to find gifts for a gardening Dad that aren't physical tools or seeds, go for one of these items and be amazed at their uniqueness!

Linked below are the products shown in the image:

United Oddsocks Fork It Garden Themed Socks

Sifcon International Gardening Tool Novelty Pens


The Messy Dad!

Messy Dad Blog image

These storage tins are especially made for a messy Dad! To include a random crap tin and a man tin. If your Dad needs a place to keep bits and bobs and nicks and nacks then this is the perfect gift idea. They are ideal for keeping in sheds as well as home offices and even kitchens. Get rid of your Dad's clutter with these storage tins, they would make the perfect Father's Day gift idea. A lovely storage accessory as well as unique gift idea.

Liked below are the products shown in the image:

Random Crap Men's Storage Tin

The Bright Side Man Tin


No matter what your Dad is like, we hope that there is a novelty gift in this blog that will make the perfect present for him. If you ever need any more inspiration you can find more products on our gifts for men page on our website!

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