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Thank You Teacher Gift Ideas For End Of Term | Gifts from Handpicked

Thank You Teacher Gift Ideas For End Of Term | Gifts from Handpicked

Explore our wide range of gifts for Teachers, Teaching Assistants and Childminders here!

End of term is inbound which means it is time to start thinking of gift ideas for all the amazing and wonderful teachers, teaching assistants and the alike. At Gifts from Handpicked we specialise in finding perfect presents that are handpicked for all recipients and occasions, the clue is in the name! Our gifts for teachers collection includes a wide range of award winning brands from East of India, United Oddsocks, and Widdop, each product has a quirky and novelty finish or design that makes them stand out from the rest. We believe people like teachers deserve a big thank you when it comes to end of term, so why make their gifts boring? Show your teacher, teaching assistant or childminder how much you appreciate them with our delightful collection of gift ideas. Whether it be as simple as a travel mug or as special as a brand new diary we have everything at Gifts from Handpicked.


Candles are a lovely and simplistic gift idea that we know every teacher and childminder would love.

Two of our gorgeous brands at Gifts from Handpicked have created a range of candles especially made for teachers, teaching assistants and childminders. From Widdop Gifts and East of India we have scented candles that are complete in a collection of beautifully designed tins, delicate in size and with pretty patterning there is no wonder they are a best seller on on website. In gorgeous scents from fig and wild pear, peppered pomegranate, rose and black pepper and apple pie these candles will be sure to make any home smell simply delicious. Each candle is decorated with wording so you can thank that special someone who has made your time learning and growing that little bit easier. You cannot go wrong with candles as they are a home accessory favourite, in these unique designs they are also one of our favourite gift ideas!


How about a decorative plaque for a teacher to keep in their classroom? 

Hanging wooden signs are probably one of the easiest and most versatile gifts that you can give to a teacher, from affordable prices and with lovely designs to include bright colours and school themed patterns any of these decorative plaques would look delightful in the classroom. We have a range of designs that will suit your teacher no matter their style, from neutral and more subdued colours to bold and colourful themes that will light up their classroom. Each plaque has a different hanging twine for them to adorn their classroom walls with which makes these wooden signs the perfect gift to give to your teacher. 


Add to your teachers stationery collection with our fantastic collection.

Add to your teachers stationery collection with our useful office and classroom products that will keep them organised for the new term. To include Wrendale Designs and Mustard our selection of notebooks, planners, pencils, post it notes and more is a helpful gift that we know any teacher would appreciate. Magnificent designs which include country side animals, bumblebees and pretty pinatas, any of these lovely items would be the perfect desktop accessory for your teacher. From left to right let your teacher stay motivated and organised with this official Wrendale Designs 2022 diary, or why not keep your teachers pen pot up to date with these apple themed pencils from Widdop Gifts. As a great accessory to add notes and doodles gift your teacher this set of pinata themed post it notes from Mustard feature a fun patterning that will be sure to never let you forget anything again! And finally why not brighten up your teachers desk with this bumblebee themed notebook from Padblocks, with lined pages to do as you please!


Gifts socks perfect for every teacher.

At Gifts from Handpicked we stock a huge range of brilliantly designed gift socks that come in matching boxes so the work is all done for you! We believe that every pair of socks would make the most wonderful gift to a teacher, however; we specifically love these two designs that we believe reflect the role of a teacher and show the appreciation that students and parents have for them. On the left is a ladies pair of socks with a girly design complete with a bright red wrap that reads 'My Teacher is Awesome.' You can then find a pair of men's socks that embody that out of office feel, designed with crazy faces to make your teacher smile, remember these socks are not to be worn for work!  Explore our complete collection of United Oddsocks here to find that perfect present today!


These are not the only great gift ideas that we have for teachers and the alike, for more inspiration why not explore the gifts for teachers category here. We can guarantee you will find a unique and novelty gift that your teacher will love, the perfect way to say thank you!