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Tattoo Themed Gift Ideas | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

Tattoo Themed Gift Ideas | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

Welcome to our blog post all about tattoos! We have quickly learnt that tattoos are becoming more and more popular, with people getting them as birthday gifts and saving up for them on a day to day basis. We love the versatility of tattoos and think that they should be celebrated, which is why we have put together this blog about some tattoo themed gifts we sell. You will also be able to find some tattoos that we have in the office within this blog post, in case you needed any inspiration for your first or next tattoo. From brands such as Xpressions Gifts and Heaven Sends, you cannot go wrong! If you are looking for tattoo themed gift idea then you have certainly come to the right place, get exploring this blog post to find out more. 


Pot of Dreams Traditional Tattoo Money Fund

Tattoo Fund Traditional Money Pot Gift Idea

Now we don't know about you, but we absolutely love this traditional themed tattoo money pot from Xpressions Gifts. Hand decorated with the most stunning designs to include hearts, roses, skulls, snakes and more. The designs are complete with stars and a classic tattoo theme which offers a great display no matter where you place it. Simply add your notes and coins into this money pot, watch it fill up until your heart is content, and once you are ready you can smash it open to reveal all of your earnings! Use the savings for your first ever tattoo or an up coming project. If you have a friend or family member who loves tattoos then why not gift them this money pot for their birthday or Christmas. It would make a unique and vibrant Christmas gift idea. Now you have somewhere exciting to put your left over change, it will no longer be going behind the sofa! 


Heaven Sends Tattoo Savings Jar

Heaven Sends Tattoo Fund Money Jar

Here we have another money saving jar, can you see the theme we are going with here? From Heaven Sends, this money saving fund is not your usual gift idea. With the outer made from wood and a glass door, this jar is a great way to see all of your money adding up. Finished with a tattoo design in the background, pop notes and any loose change into this pot and get ready for your next inking. If you know someone who prefers rustic themed items, they might love this tattoo fund money pot! If your son or daughter is wanting to get tattoos why not gift them this money pot, it would be a great way to gain motivation for saving money! Not to mention it will look super cool displayed in your bedroom, simply put it on a mantlepiece or windowsill and watch the money grow. If you need more gifts for him and gifts for her, we have a huge range on our website which you can find here.


Xpressions Novelty Tattoo Fund Pot of Dreams

Tattoo Fund Blog Image

Another tattoo fund money pot! Who would've thought! This pot of dreams is similar to the first one you saw on this blog post, however we think that this one has a more old school feel to it. The use of this pot is the same, simply fill it with all of your hard earned coins and when you are ready, smash it open to reveal what's inside! A fantastic item to have within your home, and a brilliant gift too. Whether it is a unique tattoo themed birthday or Christmas gift you need, this pot of dreams is perfect. Who said that saving money couldn't be fun?


Tattoos In the Office!

Emma Tattoo Blog Image

This is one of Emma's tattoos from the office, a beautiful Lily! The story behind this tattoo is that Emma's Mum's favourite flower is a Lily, so she got it tattooed on her as a reminder of her Mum, a lovely gesture. Emma loves her tattoos and like others at Gifts from Handpicked, can't wait to get some more! This Lily tattoo is on Emma's arm and happens to be one of the easiest ones she has had done. If you love flowers then we are sure you will love this Lily inspired tattoo, floral tattoos are all the range right now so if you are looking at getting a tattoo but aren't sure what to get, why not go for a floral piece.

Charlotte's Tattoo Blog Post

This next tattoo is on Charlotte ( assistant manager ) and it has a lovely story behind it. Charlotte wanted to get a tattoo that reminded her of her grandparents, so she asked each of them to draw a flower, not knowing what it was for. Months later, Charlotte then got this transferred into a stencil and got it tattooed on the inside of her arm. So although the flowers aren't the neatest, they are not meant to be! A sentimental tattoo that Charlotte will have forever, as a reminder of her amazing grandparents. I wonder what they will think of it!

India's Tattoo Blog Image

The last tattoo that we have in the office is from India! She recently got her first tattoo which is ever so delicate and pretty. With red writing that says 'no matter where' as a beautiful quote. India got this tattoo matching with one of her best friends, a great idea if you are looking at getting tattoos with a friend of yours! Not all tattoos have to be scary looking, thin lined ones like this are super elegant and look great on arms. The perfect tattoo to get as your first piece!


We hope you have enjoyed reading all about our tattoo themed gift ideas, as well as some of the tattoos we have here at Gifts from Handpicked! Whether you like them or not, these gifting options are great ideas for friends and family members, not to mention for Christmas and birthdays. So if you are looking for inspiration for tattoo themed gift ideas then you have certainly come to the right place, and don't forget you can get 10% off your first order with us if you spend over £50! 

Happy Shopping :)

The Gifts from Handpicked team x