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Summer Holiday Ideas | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

Summer Holiday Ideas | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

Whether you like jetting off abroad on your summer holidays, or having a break in the English countryside, getting time off during the warmer months is nothing to complain about! But sometimes it can be hard to know how to occupy your time, especially if you have young ones. Which is why we thought it would be a great idea to write this blog post all on the different summer holiday ideas! There will be something for everyone in this blog, no matter your personality or what you enjoy. We hope that you take some inspiration from this blog and get some fun ideas on how to spend your time during the summer. After all, we have to be grateful for the hot weather when we live in the UK!

1. Camping!

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Now this may not be for everyone, but you never know until you try! The summer holidays can be expensive, so why not have a family holiday out camping. It doesn't have to break the bank and you can go to some really pretty places in the UK. Such as the Lake District, find out more here. Take the whole family along, enjoy the sun ( or the rain ) and cook some wonderful meals on your camping stove. Tell stories around the camp fire and have a laugh, it really is as simple as that! If you don't fancy going far with your camping then why not take your tent out in the garden for a change, you can still have a lovely family BBQ with the comfort of having your house near by. This way you can still enjoy the novelty of camping without travelling!

2. Go to a museum!

Museum - Summer Holiday Idea

Museums can be great places to go to during the summer holidays, there are lots of exhibitions around and you can often find one near by to you! Although the museums in big cities like London are amazing, you don't always have to go far. But if you do want to go to somewhere like London, why not visit the Victoria and Albert museum! Whether it be natural history, health, art or music, why not bring some knowledge and history to you and your families life this summer. Make a day of it and enjoy everything a museum has to offer, you never know what you might find. They can be something that you can bring the whole family to, and tickets and exhibitions are often either free or low of charge!

3. Find a beach!

Beach - Summer Holiday Idea

It may seem obvious but finding a lovely beach to chill on during the summer months is truly one of the greatest things you can do during the summer. They make wonderful days out for all of the family, take a bucket and spade and do the traditional activities of building a sand castle, playing in the sea and collecting sea shells. There is nothing wrong with using your own imagination to have some fun! There is something for everyone at the seaside, and if you go to a seaside town you can indulge in the delicious fish and chips, ice cream and more, what more could you want! If you fancy venturing out further a field then why not have a look at Brighton beach, it is gorgeous!

4. Get crafty with the arts!

Arts and Crafts - Summer Holiday Idea

You don't need to go out for the day to enjoy the summer holidays, simply getting crafty at home can be enough to keep you occupied! Arts and crafts are a brilliant way to get the whole family involved, take on crocheting, card making, sewing, colouring and more to get your creative juices flowing. If you research online you can also find amazing arts and crafts classes that can offer you the skills and knowledge you need to take on a new activity. A unique way to spend your summer holiday that will also keep you and the kids entertained.

5. Take a ride to a theme park!

Theme Park - Summer Holiday Blog Idea

In the summer there is always a variety of theme parks and amusement parks that will entertain your children for hours. It may not be your cup of tea, but have a look at whats on and see if you can have a fun day out! Whether your younger ones like big rollercoasters or the spinning tea cups, theme parks are always an ideal way to spend your days. You could go to Alton Towers to really enjoy the big rides! Yes you may need some money to enjoy a day out at the amusement park, but who says you can't have fun as well on the 2p coin machines! They are never a million miles away and you can guarantee to get some laughs and smiles whilst you are there.

6. Take a trip back in time to some historic sites!

Historic Sites - Summer Holiday Idea

If you love history and teaching your children about the heritage of the United Kingdom, why not take a trip out during the summer holidays to visit some historic sites. These can include places such as Stone Henge, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London and more! Although some children find historical sites boring, we can guarantee that they'll learn something from it. And if they don't fancy taking a walk around a medieval castle or looking at the wonders of the world, there is always the exciting gift shop at the end of it, and who doesn't love a good gift shop!