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Shop DCUK - The Original Wooden Duck Company | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

Shop DCUK - The Original Wooden Duck Company | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

Let me introduce you to DCUK - The Original Wooden Duck Company. Please to make your acquacktance! You may of heard of DCUK before, or perhaps you have seen their wonderful wooden Duck ornaments around the shops and websites. DCUK have worked for generations, incorporating a traditional handcrafted ornament with modern day themes. Their exquisite craftsmanship comes from Indonesia where hard working people craft these wooden Ducks from bamboo root. Bamboo grows rife in Indonesia, but the root is useless and is often thrown away. To safe this waste, DCUK use this bamboo root to create the magnificent Ducks that you see today. Every single Duck that you purchase is designed in Devon by fantastic people who are inspired by fairy tales, imagination, or anything whimsical! They are then hand crafted AND hand painted in Indonesia, which is why each colour of wood is slightly different to contrast the grains of bamboo root. 

You may be wondering, where did the idea for a wooden Duck ornament come from? And why are they so popular? DCUK began their journey when they discovered the Indian Runner Duck. This discovery of the adorable Indian Runner Duck, paired with an Indonesian love of puppetry with hand crafted characters means that sustainability and generations of indigenous skills are still enjoyed to this very day.

Not only are the DCUK wooden Ducks simply adorable, but they are also environmentally responsible. Every part of a DCUK wooden Duck is carved by hand and collected through local bamboo root, which would otherwise go to waste if it wasn't used by DCUK. As 24% of customers who purchased DCUK were not aware of the handcrafted elements to DCUK products, we wanted to tell you more about it too! If you want to read the full story about DCUK, you can read it on their website through the link. You can also watch the video below to find out more about DCUK's handcrafted process in Indonesia.

DCUK Disco Wooden Ducklings

DCUK Wooden Disco Ducks

Are you a party animal? Decorate your home in a fun touch of glitz and glamour with these incredible Ducklings from DCUK. These Disco Ducklings are ready to party and come in a variety of different colours for you to choose from, can you see your favourite? Whether it be Red, Purple, Pink, Green or Gold, these Ducklings will be sure to make you want to put your dancing shoes on. Why not gift one of these Disco Ducks to your dancing partner? Shop all gifts for friends on our website.


DCUK Gardening Ducklings

Wooden Gardening Ducks

These wonderful wooden Ducks from DCUK make a lovely gift idea for someone with green fingers! Finishes in 2 designs to choose from, you can down in the mud with these gardener Ducks. Their dungarees, vibrant Wellies and helpful hats will brighten up your home and make you want to go and plant some seeds! If your Grandparents love gardening, one of these Ducklings would make a fantastic gift idea for them.


DCUK Scottish Guard Duckling

Wooden DCUK Scottish

Play those bagpipes and away you go into the Scottish highlands, this military themed Duck from DCUK will make your Scottish heritage proud. Adorned with tartan accents and a traditional guard hat, you simply cannot go wrong with this superb Scottish guard. Place this Duck in your home and be transported to the majestic hills of Scotland, a great gift idea for Scots or for a special man in your life. You can explore our full range of gifts for men here.


DCUK Toadstool Ducklings

Wooden Toadstool Ducks

Next time you find yourself trailing through a forest, look down at the roots of the trees and see if you can spot some beautiful toadstools. Inspired by fairy tales and other whimsical stories, these toadstool Ducklings are your new forest friends. Eagerly awaiting their next visitor, these toadstool Ducklings will make you home colourful and lively, with spotty toadstool hats that will make you simply smile. Need a special birthday gift for a wonderful woman in your life? Why not shop one of these toadstool Ducklings to make her day.


DCUK Christmas Ducklings

DCUK Christmas Wooden Ducks

We can't leave this blog without talking about the incredible Christmas Ducklings from DCUK. For the 2023 collection, these Ducklings are the perfect Christmas decoration to feature in your home. In this range you can choose from 3 different designs, so you can decide whether you want a Reindeer Duck, a Santa Duck or a Christmas Jumper Duck. Make your Christmas that extra bit special with this festive Duck selection, a gorgeous Christmas gift idea for loved ones.


To shop the full DCUK range you can explore our website here!