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Salt Lamps - The Perfect Wedding Anniversary Gift! | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

Salt Lamps - The Perfect Wedding Anniversary Gift! | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

Did you know that crystal is a traditional wedding anniversary gift idea? Generally given for a 15th wedding anniversary, a crystal inspired gift is the perfect way to show your love to a happily married couple, or even as a gift to your partner. Crystals represent lightness, clarity and durability which is why people give them at wedding anniversaries, the thought and the detail that goes into these gifts is astounding. Not many people would think to use crystal as a wedding anniversary gift idea but at Gifts from Handpicked our team have handpicked the best crystal products that we have in stock that you could give as the perfect wedding anniversary gift idea. 

On our website we stock a wide range of crystal salt lamps which would make the perfect wedding anniversary gift, even though they are traditionally made to be given for 15th wedding anniversaries, we believe that a salt lamp made of pure rock salt crystal is a lovely and unique way to congratulate a couple on their long and loving marriage. From heart shaped salt lamps, oil burner salt lamps, to even salt lamp tea light holders, the choice is completely yours. Choose from our collection of salt lamps for a wonderful home accessory and a novelty wedding anniversary gift idea that is clever and ever so thoughtful. 

If you would like to explore our crystal salt rock lamp collection in more detail simply read on below!

Crystal Salt Rock Basket Lamp

We absolutely adore this basket crystal salt rock lamp from the Widdop Gifts collection, for a more modern and contemporary feel this lamp is kept in pieces of crystal salt rock which are delegated into a black wire basket ornament. A perfect wedding anniversary gift idea to a couple who is more in touch with their stylish side, we know they would simply love this crystal rock salt lamp. You can easily plug in this gorgeous home accessory in to experience a warm ambience and glow, with added health benefits that these lamps give it is no wonder that they are a best seller on our website! 

Salt Rock Basket Lamp - Widdop - Wedding Anniversary

Love Heart Shaped Crystal Rock Salt Lamp

Now nothing shows love more than this heart shaped crystal rock salt lamp from Widdop. If you are really pushing the boat out for a wedding anniversary then this is definitely the gift for you. made perfectly with exotic colours and in a gorgeous heart shaped design, this salt lamp is a delightful home accessory and the ideal wedding anniversary present. How else are you going to express your love for someone! Add a unique finish to your home with this completely natural salt lamp and feel the health benefits that come with it, rock salt is known to improve sleep, elevate your mood, boost your immune system and reduce stress, what is not to love about this fabulous salt lamp! With an added touch of exotic colours and patterning, simply plug this lamp in to bring a warm ambience to your home for a comforting feel, simply place on your coffee table or windowsill for an instant splash of colour and texture. 

Heart Shaped Rock Salt Lamp - Wedding Anniversary - Valentines

Oil Burner Crystal Rock Salt Lamp

If you want to mix home fragrance in with a stunning wedding anniversary gift idea then we have the perfect gift idea for you. To keep with the crystal theme we stock a oil burner rock salt lamp from the Widdop Gifts range. Complete with an oil dish on top so your favourite couple can add their own scent, it acts as a two in one! A gorgeous lamp and a home fragrance accessory, we are sure a happily married couple would love to receive this on their anniversary. On a wedding anniversary you want nothing but the couple to feel relaxed and at ease so that is why this salt lamp is the ideal item to get, whether they feature it in their bedroom, kitchen or living room there is no going wrong with this brilliant gift idea. 

Crystal Rock Salt Set of 2 Tea Light Holders

Our final crystal themed product is this set of two salt rock tea light holders, perfect for the home and it also acts as a gift for each person in the couple! One tea light each for the happily married couple, this way they can do as they please. The warmth and lovely glow that these tea light holders express is a glorious way to light up any home, with their simplistic design and multiple health benefits there is no doubt that any couple would love these tea light holders. They bring a touch of colour and texture into any room and being made from rock salt crystal means that they can act as a classic and timeless wedding anniversary gift idea. 

Widdop Salt Rock Tea Light Holders

I hope that you can agree that our selection of crystal salt rock gifts are a unique and brilliant way to gift a couple on their wedding anniversary, especially if it is their 15th wedding anniversary! But either way, crystal represents all things wonderful, light and wholesome when it comes to love and marriage, so you can gift any of these products to anyone for their wedding anniversary. We absolutely love this idea and we hope you do too, let us know if you gift any of these salt rock products as a wedding anniversary gift, we would love to know what the recipient thinks of this clever idea! 

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