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Nautical Home Accessories That You Will Love! | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

Nautical Home Accessories That You Will Love! | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

Nautical homeware has become so popular in 2021, with increasing designer brands coming out with a range of nautical themed products we can only assume that there is something special about them. If you have never heard of the term nautical or simply have no idea why it is so popular, let us show you why. Anything that is described as nautical or that has a nautical finish is often associated with ocean colours, boating themes, or even beach loving accessories. To sum it up, if a product has anything to do with the beach or the sea, you can guarantee it will have the term nautical next to it.

Decorate your home with nautical decorations for a rustic themed ensemble that we know you will love our collection of nautical accessories are perfectly made for every type of home, with neutral colouring and detailed designs what is not to love? We have pieces for every room in your home, whether it be a door stop for your living room, a plaque for your bathroom or even a garland for your kitchen, we will be sure to have the perfect nautical accessory for you. Explore some of our favourite nautical homeware pieces down below and how we would personally style them! 

Nautical Themed Rope Doorstops - Grey, Cream, Beige

Nautical Themed Rope Door Stops Home Accessories

These nautical doorstops from Quay Traders are a best seller on the Gifts from Handpicked website, featured in the wonderful neutral colours of beige, cream and grey they are the perfect accessory to have in your home. Their simplistic yet effective design are sure to suit any room no matter your style or theme, with a weighted finish simply place any of these doorstops in front of a door to keep them open all day long! If you are looking to embed a nautical element into your home without going all out then these door stops are the perfect place to start. Suitable for living rooms, bedrooms and even the kitchen, why not treat yourself to all three colours to create a lovely display. Rope designed homeware is a great and rustic accent that will turn your house into a home, their natural feel and monkey fist shaping give off a comforting feel. Door stops are always a useful item to have in your home, make it stylish with this gorgeous nautical themed door stops, you can find them here! 

Shoeless Joe Nautical Boat Garland

Nautical Boat Garland from Shoeless Joe

Now you can't get more nautical than this, this wonderful boat themed garland from Shoeless Joe embodies everything that we absolutely love about nautical homeware. This garland includes an agricultural finish rope which holds a number of metal and wooden boats, simply adorn your walls with this beautiful garland to add a touch of texture and fun. A personal style favourite of mine would be to have this boat themed garland in the bathroom, beach type decorations are always welcomed in a bathroom and with similar colouring this would compliment a decorative marine wall perfectly. Sail away into a bubbling bath with this pastoral boat garland hanging delicately in your bathroom. For a gorgeous home our range of Shoeless Joe decorations are the perfect ornament, explore their brand here and be inspired by more quirky home accessories.

Originals Nautical Rope Ladder Towel Rail

Nautical Themed Rope and Wood Towel Rail Home Accessory

Spruce up your home with this unique towel rail from Originals, this lovely rail is made up of five wooden planks complete with country style rope that ties this rail together. Hang your wet towels on this rail to dry or simply have this accessory as towel storage, whether it be in your bathroom or anywhere else in your home. Simply hang on a statement wall to create a picturesque display, you can guarantee that no one else you know will have this unique item in their home, there is simply nothing quite like this rustic wooden ladder rail. This is a new item that we have recently launched on the Gifts from Handpicked website that we know you nautical lovers will love, you can shop this item here.

Gisela Graham Fish Themed Nautical Plaques 

Gisela Graham Wooden Fish Themed Beach Design Bathroom Plaque

To carry on with the beach themed bathroom why not purchase this set of three lovely fish themed plaques from the award winning brand Gisela Graham. This set includes three different designs which feature beach theme sayings, from gone fishing, relax you're at the beach and home is where the beach is. Complete with metal twine why not hang this plaques in your bathroom to create the most wonderful ensemble in your home. Decorative walls are high in home interior fashion, these Gisela Graham plaques would be the perfect addition to your home wall to add a touch of colour and fun. 

Shoeless Joe Bucket and Spades Nautical Decoration

Nautical Bucket and Spade Bathroom Accessory

To complete our nautical themed home decorations we have this best seller on our website, this bucket and spades garland features an adorable ensemble of red and blue striped and spotted beach buckets complete with matching spades. This whole set is finished with the same nautical rope which is entwined in and out of this decoration for a lovely feature, simply hang this decoration anywhere in your home to bring the beach straight to you! There is no wonder this Shoeless Joe nautical decoration is a best seller on our website, we simply love it and know you will too. Even in the cold and miserable English weather you can guarantee to always be near the beach with this bucket and spades garland.


You can find our full collection of nautical decorations and home accessories here, we have a complete range that we have put together full of the most wonderful nautical, beach themed items items that you can adorn your home with. Whenever you need some more home inspiration you can also explore our current trends feature for the latest and upcoming trends, to include gift ideas and more!