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National Women's History Month | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

National Women's History Month | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

As it is National Women's History month we want to celebrate all the wonderful women in the world, as well as the women who work at Gifts from Handpicked! This month recognises the incredible services Women over the years have brought to society, to include breaking boundaries and standing up for women's rights. So this is the perfect time to pay a tribute to some of the fantastic activism and courage that women have displayed over the years.


During the 50's Rosa Parks changed history by refusing to give up her seat as white passengers were issued the front seats, she was a huge part of the Civil Rights movement and helped to end segregation in America along with sparking the Montgomery boycott. The United States know her as the 'first lady' of Civil Rights as well as 'the mother of the freedom movement.'  Her bravery and willingness to succeed is a huge inspiration to us all and her efforts should be recognised all year round, especially during National Women's History month.

Rosa Parks


Sanger was a women's activist and feminist who revolutionised birth control and how women's health was overall improved. She created her own leaflets to inform women on their health and also had the first oral contraception approved in 1960. Margaret also opened up her own women's clinic to help give women the freedom of knowledge and believed in the right of women being able to make their own decisions regarding their body. 



Throughout the life of Princess Diana she gave a voice to people suffering with AIDS, as well as victims of domestic violence and offered advice and services for mental health. Not to mention her activism against land mines and charity work to end homelessness. Her involvement with charities all over the world inspires millions of people all around the world and made her so unique to the British public. She was a true inspiration to all people and a wonderful woman that will never be forgotten.


Princess Diana


As we are celebrating Women all around the world this month, it is only fitting to give a HUGE shoutout to the women at Gifts from Handpicked, who are all hard working, strong minded and caring people to be around. 

From Natalie the CEO who created Gifts from Handpicked and made the fantastic business what it is today, as well as making all of us laugh until we cry and offering a shoulder to cry on. Although she isn't a particularly big hugger she is a big teddy bear really! 

Zoe the Warehouse Manager who never fails to put a smile on our faces, as well as running the warehouse and making sure everyones orders are packed with an abundance of love and care. We wouldn't have the neat and tidy space we do without her.

Lyndsey the warehouse coordinator who we all believe is the mother hen of the team, she takes care of all of us and is the best advice giver! Not to mention the hard work she puts in day to day to keep everything running smoothly. 

Charlotte the assistant manager is the kindest soul you'll meet, and she also creates the most delicious treats that gets us through the day. If you ever need cheering up or a good natter then Charlotte is the girl to see.

Emma and India our business admin assistants give out a good laugh in in the work place and always make a great cuppa. Not to mention their hard work ethic and thick skin to be working with Natalie!!