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National Stationery Week | Gifts from Handpicked

National Stationery Week | Gifts from Handpicked

Happy National Stationery Week!

This week is a great opportunity to celebrate all things stationery, and perhaps treat yourself to some new stationery. 

Although this week is extremely popular amongst stationery lovers, it is also a great way to engage the public with stationery and to try and get more people to read, write and create.

When you think of stationery, you may believe it is all about boring pens, pencils, rulers and more. What many don't know about stationery is that it involves so much more than that! There are some really unique pieces of stationery out there, to include scrap books, watercolour pens, stamps and more.

In this day and age when it is so easy to pick up your phone and text or call someone, national stationery week is aimed to reinvent the importance of the written word. Whether it is writing a letter to a friend or family member, or applying for jobs using a portfolio. National Stationery week has always tried to include the love and joy of written work, which is why it must be celebrated, we cannot lose the incredible positivity of writing, creating, and using our imagination.

Facts About Stationery


To celebrate national stationery week we have decided to show you our favourite stationery items on our website. They range from address and birthday books, notebooks, diaries, journals and more! Take a closer look at our stationery range and be amazed by our fantastic selection. Whether you need a gift for someone with a new job or going back to school, or simply fancy treating yourself to some new bits and bobs, we have everything that you could need.


Address and Birthday Books

Address and birthday books

Keep all of your important addresses and birthdays in these glorious stationery accessories on our website. They come in a variety of different designs and styles that you can choose from, to include floral designs, lemon and lime patterns, butterflies and more. These address and birthday books make the ideal gifts for mums, grandparents and more!

From left to right: Joules address and birthday book, Rachel Ellen pink and orange address and birthday book, Sara Miller Chelsea bird address and birthday book, Rachel Ellen Bumblebee address and birthday bookThe Art File Oranges and Lemons address and birthday book.




On our website we also have a range of journals, the perfect stationery accessory for writing down your thoughts and feelings, or for simply having a doodle!

Journals are lovely gift ideas for those who have started a new job, who are going back to school, or who just love writing. Journalling has also been proven to improve mood and to help with mental health, so if you are in the market for a good journal, we have a selection for you to purchase.

From left to right: Wrendale Designs Peacock Journal, Rachel Ellen My Wellbeing Planner, Wrendale Designs Fox Journal, Rachel Ellen Gratitude Journal.


Shopping List Pads

Shopping List Pads

Yes, shopping list pads class as stationery too! Which is why we have included them in this years national stationery week. These gorgeous and helpful shopping list pads come from the incredible Wrendale Designs, finished with excellent illustrations for you to delve into. Doing the weekly food shop is stressful enough as it is, don't overcomplicate things and purchase one of these shopping list pads to help you out. 

Each shopping list pad includes animal themed designs, as well as a magnetic backing so you can place these shopping list pads on your fridge. A really useful kitchen accessory to have that you can also just throw into your handbag whenever it is needed! There is even some Christmas designs too!

From left to right: Wrendale Designs Bumblebee Shopping List Pad, Wrendale Designs Highland Cow Shopping List Pad, Wrendale Designs Christmas Labrador Shopping List Pad, Wrendale Designs Christmas Duck Shopping List Pad.




These diaries are a lovely gift idea for children, from the delightful brand Rachel Ellen you can shop our collection of secret diaries which even come with locks! Decorated beautifully with a range of different designs for all types of children, to include mermaids, rainbows, llamas and other loving patterns.

If you are struggling to think of other Christmas stocking fillers or that perfect birthday gift idea, these diaries are an ideal item that will be sure to make the recipient smile. Let your child's imagination run wild with these diaries, with space to doodle and to make this diary your very own!

From left to right: Rachel Ellen Mermaid Secret Diary, Rachel Ellen Thoughts, Dreams and Positive Vibes Secret Diary, Rachel Ellen Llama Secret Diary, Rachel Ellen Love Our Planet Secret Diary.


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