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Meet Zoe - The Reason All Of Orders Get Picked And Sent



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Meet Zoe - The Worker That Never Stands Still!

Zoe has been with GFHP for nearly 2 years now, how time flies !!!   From seeing the advert for the job on our Facebook site, Zoe applied for the job did an amazing interview and what a choice we made, the RIGHT one!!!   She started off working in the garage at our home before helping move us to our current premises.  Zoe’s always up for anything and always so excited for what each day brings.

Zoe prints off all the invoices, integrates the postage type, walks miles a day picking all of your orders and keeps the stock ordered and replenished.  Zoe also assists in packaging the orders and more recently increased her hours to carry out 'any other duties' the boss has for her!  Zoe loves a good list and if she goes missing will be found tidying the shelves and keeping everywhere organised.  A calming influence at busy times Zoe is not shy of hard work, a good all-rounder!

The famous saying of ‘I’m off down Christmas’ which really means ‘will see you in about an hour once I’ve found everything and come back covered in glitter’ is one of Zoe’s common lines. Zoe can roll codes off her head and remember products better than most.

The cleaner of the workforce for sure. Always hoovering, emptying the bins and just generally having a can do attitude... along with a good sense of humour. Believe me you need it working at GFHP!

We thought every workforce needed a Dave, well they all need a Zoe too!

zoe meet the worker that never sits still