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Meet United Oddsocks! | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

Meet United Oddsocks! | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

United Oddsocks has the most amazing story, and the authenticity of them is what makes us love them so much! From the United Oddsocks about us page, it is explained that the owners Gary and Paul were sat in a pub on a rainy night and came up with the idea to create non-matching socks! This quirky and unique idea came from the thought of self expression, if we all dress the way we like to, then why not let our feet do the same! Their incredible idea meant that everyone could mix and match what they wanted to do each day, from everything down to their feet. 

United Oddsocks' vast range of socks goes from socks for women, socks for men, socks for children, socks for baby and more. With the most fantastic designs that are bold, intricate and distinctive, you will be sure to find the perfect gift idea in their sock collection. With us taking on United Oddsocks we quickly realised that their amazing gifting ideas really expressed peoples personalities, customers were purchasing multiple socks at a time, and they still do to this day!

To celebrate United Oddsocks, and all that they have achieved, we have decided to create this blog on a variety of their sock gifting ideas. Explore the banners below to see if you can find any gifting inspiration, let us know if you have purchased anything from United Oddsocks before, or if this blog has given you any inspiration on some gifting socks to buy.

Women's Socks from United Oddsocks

United Oddsocks Womens Socks

United Oddsocks have a wide range of women's socks that we know you'll love! Here are just a few examples of the ones we know and love. To include blooming amazing floral socks, hippy go lucky funky socks and sleepy sloth socks. We absolutely love these socks, from every single detail that includes the bright colours to the beautiful designs that look super cool on your feet, I mean what is not to love?

Although there is such a huge variety of socks for women, we have handpicked some of our personal favourites that we think you'll love. If you know someone who loves their flowers then the blooming amazing socks are the ideal gift, or if you know someone who is a bit funky then how about the hippy go lucky socks! The bright colours are enough to make you talk of the town. The last choice we have out of the selection is these sleepy sloth socks, any sloth lover would be sure to love these socks, you could even fall asleep in them!

Men's Socks from United Oddsocks

United Oddsocks Mens Socks

And if you are in the market for some gift socks for men then why not have a look at this selection! United Oddsocks have created a vast amount of socks for men that are perfect for Dads, Brothers, Uncles and more. If you need a Christmas gift idea or birthday gift idea then don't we have some inspiration for you. There are so many to choose from so we have selected a couple of our favourites, to include the fork it gardening socks, stripe it up funky socks and the grump heads funny socks. Each with their own fantastic gift box that makes gifting that little bit easier!

If you have a Dad that loves gardening then why not go for the gnometastic socks. Is your brother a little bit grumpy? Grump heads are the funniest Christmas gift for him! Perhaps your Uncle wears nothing but stripes, finish his outfit with the United Oddsocks stripe it up socks.

Children's Socks from United Oddsocks

United Oddsocks Childrens Socks

We can't forget about the little ones, United Oddsocks caters for everyone in the family, to include children! If you need a stocking filler or a unique birthday present for a child then you should definitely have a look at the socks from United Oddsocks' collection. They have gift socks for every child's personality, if they are cheeky and funny, intelligent and boisterous, the list goes on and on! Here are some of our favourites:

The one small step space themed socks for children are a great way to give those aspiring astronauts that extra boost. Finished with space themed elements and colourful accents that will light up your little ones life. 

How about the Oddie the Dragon socks? A story book themed set of socks which will make you smile. How can you resist that adorable dragons face! Such a lovely gift idea for those little ones who love their fire breathing friends.

Let your little ones wild side come out with these funky dory socks. To include lightning bolts, stripes, stars, and other whimsical designs that your child can rock on their feet. Mix and match the socks to let your imagination run wild.

Gallop through life with these horse themed socks for children, decorated with the most elegant horse imagery that any horse lover would adore. If its their favourite animal or a favourite hobby, these socks will be sure to make you giddy up!

Family and Baby Socks from United Oddsocks

United Oddsocks Family and Baby

One collection we love from United Oddsocks is the family and baby range, with three pairs of socks for Mummy, Daddy and the little one! This range has many choices but these three are the ones we stock which we absolutely love. 

The Little Nippers set features monsters and other creatures for a variety of socks for your baby, to include a multitude of colours and patterns that will awaken their imagination. Made from a cotton blend, you can be sure to keep your little ones feet comfortable and soft all day long, we promise the monsters aren't too scary!

A gorgeous gift idea for families, these mummy, daddy and me socks feature stripy socks with the most adorable bears on them! Inspired by goldie locks and the three bears, these story time themed socks are the perfect way to have family time. Get snuggled up on the sofa with this simply wonderful gift set. 

We also stock mummy, daddy and me socks, but for Christmas time! This set has a Reindeer design which will be enough to make your nose go red, featuring Christmassy patterns for that warm and festive feel. If you are looking for a Christmas gift for a family then why not go for these incredible socks. 


By the end of reading this blog we can expect that you are probably all socked out! But we hope that this has given you some inspiration for some unique and quirky gifts. Whether it be a special birthday or a Christmas stocking filler, we are sure that these socks will lend a helping hand ( or foot! )

If you have only just discovered United Oddsocks then you can explore more from them on our website here!