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Meet Sue Our Longest Serving Member!


Meet Sue Aka Mum!gifts from handpicked 10 years in business

My mum, Sue, has been by my side the whole 10 years!  In the early days Sue rocked up with a tin of Mr Sheen and a duster ready to polish the stock!  Little did she know it wouldn’t stay sat there for long!!  I remember on a busy Monday 29 parcels would be wrapped in a day, 8 hours my Mum would charge me!!!  She can now bash these out in half an hour!!!  Behind the scenes Sue has taught everyone how to wrap parcels with love and when she fancies a sit down she is accountable for invoicing and stock control.  Working a day with Sue is a laugh.  Whether you are laughing at her jokes, or actually at her, the two days with Sue brings energy and a fun vibe into the Business.  Sue can motivate ( or scare ) the staff to get all the parcels done in record time although we have noticed that she is a bit more selective over which basket of orders she chooses to pack these days.   

In the early days there were tears and tantrums but once everything was established working together has been a blast.  Although Sue is 65 she is the one to fix a computer and is patient with software.  She is also the one with the camera around her neck taking images of all the product photography.  Sue can also list products, knows ecommerce terms such as keywords and meta descriptions and makes a mean cup of tea. Sue loves the trade shows and choosing new stock although it doesn't all get passed due to our difference in tastes!!

I don’t think Sue (aka my Mum) will take any credit for the success of this Business but in the early days I couldn’t of progressed without you.  In your hay day you were the fastest packer in town (when you were not talking !!) introduced procedures to improve efficiency, taught me how to reconcile a bank statement in less than a day and have bought in a lot of great sellers.  Looking back and taking the time to reflect we have so many memories of working together and the staff have many great memories too.  You were there to see me win two awards and have dressed to impressed to visit Park Lane.  We have worked ten years together which is an achievement  and I would like to say a BIG THANKS MUM!  

meet sue the owners mum