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Make You Bathroom Beautiful this Christmas!

Don’t forget to accessorise your bathroom this Christmas!

What are you getting your bathroom for Christmas? Don’t sound so surprised. I mean after everything, it uncomplainingly puts up with throughout the year (thankfully we won’t go into details) can you think of a more deserving recipient of something from Santa? You know that your bathroom is a good sort, so any thoughtful gifts that add to its style and beauty will be cheerfully shared by all those who make good use of its services. Your friends might appreciate your thinking of their bathroom too!

shabby chic homewareA Real Good Looker

Where would the room be without a mirror? You can choose from the ornate to one that’s stylishly shaped like a rowing boat. Alternatively, here’s a terrific idea: mirrors with shutters so that you only need to look in them when you really feel you have to! There’s even one in the style of the windows from a French country house.

Emergency action

Your bathroom probably also doubles as a first aid post. So, a wooden cabinet, a mini home hospital, plaster tins or a wooden box, would all be great choices. For truly awful emergencies there’s even a “poo room” warning sign you can hang on the door!

So much more

There are washbags for dads , hooks for towels, signs for the walls, and beach huts for everywhere. There’s a bag for laundry, and good luck persuading your kids to use that, and for pegs as well. Plus tins for sewing stuff. In fact you’ll find over a hundred terrific bathroom and laundry gift ideas both for your own home and for friends. There’s even a door stop in the shape of a buoy. 

Merry Christmas!

bathroom humorous hanging sign