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Make this Fatherís Day One to Remember


The third Sunday in June is Father’s Day. Put it in your diary if you haven’t already done so because dads deserve to be celebrated – at least one day of the year! A lot of dads may shrug it all off and say what’s the big deal, who needs a day in honour of dadhood? But don’t be fooled by the nonchalance. Show them you care and they’ll be like the perfect chocolate fondant – a bit crusty on the outside but soft and gooey in the middle!


The History of Father's Day:

Celebrated around the world, Father’s Day was first marked in the USA in 1910, and was the brainchild of Sonora Dodd, the daughter of a veteran of the American Civil War who brought up six children on his own. Following a sermon on the importance of Mother’s Day, Sonora told the preacher that fathers deserved a day in their honour as well.

Since then, countries around the world have marked the day, although at different times of the year. Many have stuck to the third Sunday in June, including the UK and USA, but Australians and New Zealanders celebrate Father’s Day on the first Sunday in September each year.

In Germany it is tied in with Ascension day after Easter, and the tradition in some parts is for groups of men to hike into the hills, loaded down with beer, to celebrate men’s day.

Surprisingly, Father’s Day is only an official holiday in relatively few countries such as Estonia, but public holiday or not, it’s still a day to let dads know they’re special! So, how to show him you care?


Dad, you are the greatestThe Way to a Man's Heart...

Breakfast is a good place to start and it doesn’t have to be served in bed to be special. Cook something different for a change, eggs Benedict or scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and set the table with a bit of panache. A few fresh cut flowers in a vase is a nice touch and don’t forget a card. There’s some great cards available for the dad in your life and instead of just signing it, you could add five reasons why he’s a top dad to make the card a bit more special.


Fathers Day Gifts

best dad mug perfect fathers day giftHow about a funky coaster or a novelty coffee or tea mug? Again there’s a wide range to choose from, many with a humorous or more inspirational message; even the corny ones will be appreciated when he sits down to the breakfast you’ve prepared for him.

Does your dad have a shed or a room where he makes or fix things or somewhere he goes to follow his hobby? If he does have a ‘man cave’ how about an ‘official’ sign which he can hang on the door? 

There are loads of gift ideas for the dad who is lucky enough to have his own den. A chalkboard for the wall where he can write his ‘to do’ list is bound to go down well, or a post peg for all his letters – and the household bills!

If your dad’s into sports like cycling, a new set of lights for his bike is a good idea or an attachable wash bag which he can take along on longer rides.


Our Gifts Won't Cost a Fortune

Other Father’s Day gifts, such as mugs or a natty ‘munchies tin’ for his favourite snacks are inexpensive but will become one of his treasured possessions. If you do buy him a pair of socks, why not opt for some joke ones like a socks and sandals combo? He’ll love them!
It doesn’t really matter what gift you get him as long as you let him know he’s your special dad.

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