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How To Decorate An Autumnal Wedding | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

How To Decorate An Autumnal Wedding | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

Throughout the years you are starting to see more and more Autumnal weddings. Instead of the traditional Summer wedding or Spring wedding, many couples are deciding to brave the colder weather and tie the knot during Autumn. If you love pumpkins, earthy tones, and leaves falling, an Autumnal wedding may be on the cards for you. Whether you are simply looking at options for your wedding day, or perhaps you have decided on a pumpkin fuelled wedding, we have a range of gorgeous Autumnal decorations that will definitely be able to make your big day that little bit more special.

Place Setting Options

Autumnal Wedding Table Setting 1

One aspect of a wedding that is very important is the table settings. As guests are sitting down at their assigned tables, getting ready to eat their meal, it is essential that the tables are decorated to perfection! Especially at an Autumnal wedding, you will want to incorporate warming tones of oranges, browns and greens. As well as this, it is a good idea to bring in different textures to show off a bit of quirkiness and speciality. 

Around the table, a wonderful option to go for is a leaf themed garland. The different tones of orange and brown, as well as the velvet texture will complete your table setting and make your guests feel as if they are in a woodland. Delegate this garland around the edge of the table or have it hanging around the room, you could even use it as an Autumnal table runner that will certainly be a topic of conversation for your guests. The versatility of this leaf garland is what we love most about it, and the beautiful colour schemes are the perfect addition to your Autumnal wedding. 

To finish your table setting, amongst the warming flowers and table decor, you might want to add an ornament onto your guests plate. One option for a wonderful ornament that will bring a unique taste to the table is a velvet pumpkin. In this image we have chosen a grey velvet pumpkin decoration which doesn't overpower the table, whilst showing a luxurious feel with the silver stalk. Adding a subtle yet simply stunning decoration like this onto your guests plates will just add that extra touch of detail that we know your guests would appreciate. 

Autumnal Wedding Place Setting 2

If you want to simplify your table settings, you can also bring colour and fun with these opulent toadstool and linen pumpkin decorations. You can still intertwine the love of Autumn into your wedding without going crazy on the orange and red tones. Another great option for table settings is to have a plain table cloth and place setting, but bring a pop of colour onto the plates with a set of three orange linen pumpkin decorations. A fabulous set of ornaments that are affordable and truly magical. Decorate plates with these pumpkins as a splash of colour and enjoyment that your guests can be in awe of. 

We also love these freestanding toadstool decorations by Heaven Sends. Whether you place these around the table to make your guests feel as if they are in a woodland, or you could make them into a centrepiece for the table, they are a lovely accent to upgrade your table decor. 

Wall Decor

Autumnal Wedding Wall Decoration

To further decorate your wedding day, amongst images of the happy couple, you could include some Autumnal prints that will accentuate the comforting feel of your wedding.

This Hello Autumn framed print by Something Different is a simplistic yet beautiful wall decoration that can be further used in the home after your wedding day.

Celebrate your wedding day and the start of Autumn with this rustic framed print, include as a collage piece on your wedding day or simply have it as a statement piece on a plain canvas. 

Aisle Decoration Ideas

Autumnal Wedding Aisle Decoration Ideas

Walking down the aisle is one of, if not THE, most important scene of the day. This is your chance at your Autumnal wedding to bring out all the stops and go Autumn crazy! Create the most elegant and sophisticated display down the aisle with luxurious pumpkin decorations, velvet pumpkin stalks and more. These decorations can be placed around the seats of your guests to line the way for your walk. The vibrant colours of orange and purple will light you up as you walk down the aisle, making sure that you are centre of attention and surrounded by the most stunning ornaments. 

Add a sense of luxury down the aisle with our Gisela Graham velvet orange pumpkin decorations with a gold glitter stalk. The velvet composition on these pumpkins brings a formal feel to your wedding day, whilst the bold orange colour will liven up the room. Pair with wooden accents, as well as gold features to really tie in the contrasting elements of this pumpkin. We love the gold glitter stalks on these pumpkins, which will sparkle sensationally as you walk down the aisle.

We have paired these velvet pumpkins with glass vases that are filled with stalks of Autumnal colourations, to include orange and red berries, as well as these fantastic velvet purple pumpkin stalks by Heaven Sends. Arrange these stems together to bring the accents of the wilderness straight into your wedding. The velvet pumpkins will match the rest of your decorations perfectly, whilst the purple tones won't clash with the bright orange presentation of the large pumpkins.

Floral Decor

Autumnal Wedding Flower Jug Idea

To finish this blog, we have handpicked this flower jug from Something Different that expresses the love for Autumn in the most perfect way possible. This ceramic jug features true Autumn tones to include browns, oranges and reds, completed with leaf designs and a motif that reads "Hello Autumn." 

Large in size, you can use this flower jug as a centrepiece on each table at your wedding, with warm toned flowers to complete your table settings. The earthy tones of the flowers will match the warm accents of the jug perfectly, so you can be sure to have a truly Autumnal display on each of your tables. A large Autumnal bouquet in this jug will look splendid on your wedding day, at an affordable price too you simply cannot go wrong! Compliment your wedding with this flower jug and welcome Autumn on your special day with open arms. 


To conclude, we hope you have found some inspiration for your Autumn wedding with our blog. We have a full range of Autumnal accessories on our website that you can use to your advantage on your wedding day. We know that weddings can be extremely expensive, these stunning decorations should be great, affordable options that are easy to decorate your wedding with. No matter what pumpkins, garlands or jugs you use, we know that your Autumn wedding will look perfect with these gorgeous decorations.

Happy Shopping!