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Have a Gingerbread Christmas | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

Have a Gingerbread Christmas | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

Gingerbread Christmas Decorations

Have a gingerbread filled Christmas this year with our wide selection of gingerbread inspired decorations from a range of award winning brands. Whether you like the sweet treat itself or love the novelty look of a biscuity decoration covered in glitz and glam we have the collection for you. Explore our current trends tab to discover gingerbread decorations for your Christmas tree and home, to include glass baubles, candle holders, Christmas tableware and more! 

Our Christmas decorations include a multitude of colours and patterns so you are bound to find something suited to your colourful or neutral Christmas display, we have everything from modern to traditional gingerbread decorations which the whole family can enjoy. After all we are a gift company so why not gift one of our gorgeous decorations to a close friend or family member to decorate their Christmas tree with. It is hard to be able to resist our mouth wateringly good variation of gingerbread decorations, we are hungry just thinking about it!

If you like the look of a luxurious and high quality bauble on your Christmas tree, we have three variations of design which we think you will absolutely love. For a more neutral themed Christmas display and if you like a touch of sparkle why not go for our Gisela Graham Glass Gingerbread Christmas Tree Bauble. Featured in white and bronze to express a gorgeous scene of gingerbread houses and snow filled street, the true winter wonderland scene has been captured perfectly in this Christmas bauble.

Gisela Graham Glass Gingerbread Bauble Christmas Decoration 

Do you have a bronze themed Christmas tree? Adorn its branches with this Set of 2 Gisela Graham Bronze Gingerbread Laced Baubles, complimented with glittery white lace detailing and a metallic bronze base that offers a stunning shine. Place with other bronze based Christmas decorations on your tree for the perfect warmth and comfort on your display.

Gisela Graham Bronze Gingerbread Lace Christmas Tree Baubles

Evoke memories of making gingerbread when you were little with our Matte Red Gisela Graham Gingerbread Bauble, a more traditional feel to this bauble to include illustrated gingerbread and glitter in a scalloped design. Use its gold hanging twine to bring sparkle and shine to your Christmas tree this year, not to mention the delicious looking gingerbread imagery!

Gisela Graham Matte Red Gingerbread Christmas Bauble


If these bauble do not offer you the gingerbread display that you wished for, you could opt for one of our novelty and unique decorations which we have handpicked to create the perfect gingerbread display. To include a set of felt ornaments and sets made from resin, they will be sure to make you stand out from the crowd this festive season. 

Gingerbread themed decorations don't just have to include the gingerbread people themselves, they can also feature other aspects of Christmas to include hobby horses and even space rockets! For a more novelty assortment explore the decorations below which are based off gingerbread decorations but with a child like twist. 

Gingerbread Themed Hobby Horse Christmas Tree DecorationsGingerbread Themed Rocket Christmas Tree Decorations


Do you like your candles and home fragrance? Explore our Gisela Graham gingerbread themed candle holder, a large and simply stunning home accessory that can be used in any room to bring the festive spirit. Whether you like the look of warm ambience from a candle or love the sweet smells that your favourite home fragrance brings, this candle holder is the perfect Christmas item to have in your home. With a quaint gingerbread scene and glitter filled snow what is not to love about this gorgeous candle holder? 

Gisela Graham Gingerbread Christmas Candle Holder



Gingerbread Themed Christmas Decorations