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Gift Socks to Kick Start Your Year | Gifts from Handpicked

Gift Socks to Kick Start Your Year | Gifts from Handpicked

With the new year comes birthdays, engagements, new jobs, retirements and more. And as each year disappears it becomes increasingly difficult to find the perfect gift for that special someone. As we are an online gift shop, we pride ourselves in finding unique and handpicked gifts that will suit everyone. So to kick start the year we thought it would be a great idea to talk all about our range of gift socks from the amazing brand United Oddsocks. Socks can be seen as a throwaway gift sometimes, but not with United Oddsocks. Their collection of boxed socks are super cool and novelty, you are guaranteed to find the most amazing pairs of socks for your recipient. We love their funky designs, socks to match personalities, and super creative packaging. If you don't believe us why not have a look at some of the options we have below, we promise you will not be disappointed!


Gift Socks for Women

Novelty Gift Socks for Women

Now don't think that this is all the selection we have of women's socks, we have so many options on our website for you to choose from. We have just chosen to point out a couple of our favourite sets which are unique and perfect for all those women out there that you need to buy for.

  1. You're Faboobulous Women's Socks - For a humorous twist on a gift, purchase these boob themed socks from United Oddsocks. Finished with 3 pairs which include novelty designs that are guaranteed to make your recipient laugh. Each pair of socks has writing on them which reads "you're the breast" "you're the tits" and "faboobulous." The colourful gift box and wonderful imagery is enough to get you excited about socks! Who said that socks are boring gifts to give!
  2. Glamazing Superstar Women's Socks - Know of someone who is a complete and utter superstar? Why not gift them these lovely star struck socks from United Oddsocks. Inside this gift box of socks you will discover three pairs of colourful socks that will be sure to make you look like a super star. Walk the red carpet in these socks and be amazed at the vibrant colourations and firework display that will be on your feet. A gorgeous gift idea for a lovely lady in your life.
  3. Bee Yourself Women's Socks - Put a smile on your recipients face with these beautiful Bee themed socks from United Oddsocks. These vivid socks are complete with Bee designs that are a great way to brighten up your day, finished with a matching gift box to make a delightful looking gift. Perhaps your recipient loves Bees, or maybe you are just looking to cheer someone up. We can guarantee that these socks will bring joy to whoever you give them to!


Gift Socks for Men

Men's Gift Socks Blog Banner

Need a superb gift for a man? Look no further! Our range of gift socks for men are a great gift idea. The variety of socks to choose from will simply take your breath away. Here are some of our favourites below:

  1. Stripe It Up Men's Socks - Looking for that stripetastic feeling? How about these colourful and fun gift socks from United Oddsocks. This gift set comes with three pairs of socks that are every stripe lovers dream! Display every colour of the rainbow with this vibrant socks, your feet will definitely grab some attention with these socks. Gift these socks to someone you know who is constantly wearing stripes, or maybe they just need some colour in their life. Either way, these socks are truly a fabulous gift idea for a man.
  2. Bottoms Up Beer Socks for Men - Beer lovers unite! These brilliantly presented gift socks are from the Cockney Spaniel collection and will knock your socks off. Finished with beer themed designs and patterns that are super exciting and eye-catching. Gift to someone who loves their beer, or why not treat yourself to these socks and crack a cold one open!
  3. Fork It Gardening Socks for Men - Get your gardening gloves on with this forking great socks from United Oddsocks. Look at how wonderful these sock designs are, to include vegetables, gnomes, colourful patterns and more. A lovely gift for Dad, or Grandad! 


Gift Socks for Children

Children's Socks Blog Banner

  1. Mini Donuts Children's Socks - These children's socks look good enough to eat! Designed beautifully in ring shapes to replicate actual doughnuts and finished with all the trimmings. If your little one has a sweet tooth then there is no going wrong with these mouth watering gift socks. 
  2. One Small Step Children's Socks - Jet off into space with these galactic socks, designed especially with the great beyond in mind. To include planets, rockets, astronauts and more! Be anything you want to be with these socks from United Oddsocks, a great gift to a little one who is aspiring to be an astronaut. Make their dreams come true with this gift set of socks, an awesome birthday gift idea or Christmas stocking filler.
  3. Pup Stars Children's Socks - Who let the dogs out! Gift your little one these truly adorable socks to make their day. This gift set comes with three pairs of socks, perfect for all dog lovers out there. Completed with stripes, paw prints, stars and more! With the wide range of colours and different cute dog faces, what is not to love?


We hope you have found the perfect gift whilst exploring this sock themed blog! Did you know that we have a full collection dedicated to United Oddsocks? Explore our range of gift socks and see what you think, we have socks for Mums, Dads, Grandparents, siblings and more! 

Want to go the extra mile? Why not add our £2.95 gift wrap to your sock order at checkout. Our team at Gifts from Handpicked will lovingly gift wrap your order to perfection, finished with a gift tag and your own personal message!