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Gift Buying: Don't Leave it Too Late!


When it comes to gift giving, it's always the thought that counts. Right? Except, of course, when it's a clear case of lack of thought entirely. Have you ever been on the receiving end of some of the following gift items: 50p flowers, second hand socks, air fresheners? Hardly a thoughtful or romantic gesture, and there's nothing more disappointing to get something rubbish of someone you love – don't they know you at all? Even worse is the hated charade of pretending you absolutely LOVE it, thank you so much! 










We Don't Want to Point the Finger of Blame, But...


Dare we say it, it's usually the men who wait to the last moment to buy a gift – often because they've forgotten the special date altogether, because they absolutely hate shopping, or because they have simply put off buying anything out of an uncertainty and panic about what you might like. 

However, there's no point pointing the finger or naming names – we've all been there, frantically running round the shops looking for something appropriate the morning of a forgotten baby shower or on the way to a friend's birthday party. The results are nearly always disastrous. 










Buy Ahead of Time & Save Money and Stress!

Instead of leaving things to the last minute, you're always much better off buying gifts well in advance. This cuts out a lot of the stress of trying to find the time to go to the shops, and the nightmare of looking like you're cheap or inconsiderate when you hand over a completely unsuitable gift. Not to mention the additional expense that comes with having to make a spur of the moment purchase. 

However, we can't always plan ahead, and sometimes there are those occasions where you genuinely forget a special occasion until it's too late. Rather than succumbing to the old standards of popping to the newsagents and forking out for some rubbish wine or maybe some sub-par chocolate – or even worse, re-wrapping and giving someone an unwanted present that they gave you last year without realising it! – You can prepare for this problem and save yourself some trouble. 



Keeping a Backup Stash of Cards & Presents!


For those times you genuinely forget, it works wonders to have an 'emergency present' stash. By buying a few gifts to have at the ready, you'll be prepared for any occasion. You can buy presents for specific people, such as a photo frame or recipe book that you know your mum will love come mother's day when you've not had time to pick up the usual flowers. Or you can buy presents that will work perfectly for anyone, meaning you're prepared for any eventuality.

Home ware items are great for this, as they can be gender neutral and are suitable for any gift-giving occasion. Wreaths and garlands can make lovely decorations, or you could chose something more practical such as a cabinet or food cover. If you buy a selection of presents that work well for different age ranges, genders, and occasions, you should be prepared for anything. 


Buy Online: Save Time & Money


Whatever the occasion, whether you're buying something in good time for a specific event, or if you're stocking up on back-up presents for if all else should fall through, you can find what you're looking for at Gifts From Handpicked. With gifts for babies, grandparents, friends, or even pets, you'll find something for everyone, and you can shop by occasion as well to find that perfect wedding gift or Christmas present.