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Get to know me, the new apprentice | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

Get to know me, the new apprentice | Gifts from Handpicked Blog


I have always loved writing, ever since Primary school, storytelling and creating a picture was my favourite thing to do. I feel as if I have carried this love with me all of my life. I could write for days if I was allowed to. However; it was not always this way. When I joined secondary school I was convinced I wanted to take on the career of a photographer, I wanted to buy a big fancy camera and photograph weddings and fashion. This had always been the plan, I even took it upon myself to do photography at college, this is where my love unfortunately died.

I believe I have always been very anxious when it comes to making decisions, which is why I think leaving college was such a milestone for me. It was a decision I didn't take likely, as after all it had been my life plan that had now left me asking the terrifying question of "what do I want to do as a career." This is a decision and question I think all young people are forced to answer far too quickly in life. There is always such a pressure on the younger generation to have their life figured out,to be able to drive, to be able to afford a house. As someone once said "without pressure, we wouldn't have diamonds." Still I was stuck with questioning myself, doubting myself on what I was good at, if I was even good at anything at all. All my friends were off to University or getting full time jobs, there just didn't seem to be anything for me. 

I settled in the end and became a barista at a local nature park cafe, serving cakes and coffee's all week and weekend to earn myself some money. Which I then spent on clothes and stuff I definitely did not need. At all. You can see where my love of shopping came from, this is a bad habit which I think I have now kept under control. I hope.

My barista job still wasn't cutting it for me, I was constantly looking for jobs and apprenticeships which would interest me. Eventually I was sent a beacon of hope. A wonderful business admin apprenticeship at a local online business called Gifts from Handpicked. Run by a self employed woman who had a passion for gifts. And this is where I am now, I am the face behind listing the new exciting products and helping out in a wonderful office with a team that really are worth coming to work for. Once I finish my apprenticeship here I will have a business administration A level, something that I can take anywhere with me, I am so grateful for this opportunity that has presented itself to me. 

So, about me, I am 20 years old and as well as my love for writing, the love for photography hasn't quite died off completely. I still do love going out with my camera and taking pictures from time to time, however I see it as a hobby now instead of a career, and that is fine. I absolutely love fashion, again this is reflected in my horrendous money spending, but I really do love it. I bet you'd be able to tell what my favourite social media app is, 100% Pinterest. Sounds cliche but I adore listening to music, I am a massive fan of 70's and 80's pop punk and rock. My favourite song ever is everybody wants to rule the world by tears for fears, an absolute classic. A strange but wonderful love of mine is for house plants, I have multiple plants in my bedroom and I love making my room look like a jungle. My favourite plants I have at the minute is a peace lily and a mistletoe cactus, I am doing my best to try and not kill them.

I am also very passionate about mental health and if I wasn't doing what I am doing now I would have loved to go into mental health nursing like my sister and be able to help people, especially during these difficult times. This is something I really want to write more about in the future and create posts about to spread knowledge and acceptance.

I live in Lincoln with my mum, dad and my gorgeous Labrador called Juno. I love her unconditionally. I also have two sisters who live locally and I miss not being able to see them due to the pandemic, I am a very family orientated person and feel very lucky to have grown up in a wonderful household and had an amazing childhood. 

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I haven't travelled to many places but I love exploring new places and challenging myself to my fear of flying. The most recent place I visited is Amsterdam which I highly recommend. The food and scenery there is amazing, i would really love to go visit more places once I can. My biggest dream is to go to America and Australia some day, I have always wanted to travel around there and I love the hot weather. I am planning on making it to New York for my 21st birthday, this is a big goal of mine. I have to say my favourite place to go to is Cornwall, I have been going to Cornwall every year since I was a child and it really is my happy place. I love the beach and could spend all day there, Porth Curno in Cornwall is the prettiest place I have been to. It really makes you appreciate England and the wonderful sights we have. 

As for Lincoln, I used to spend all my weekends socialising with friends or family. I love walking through the Bail-gate as I think its one of the nicest places in Lincoln, and going shopping of course. There is a wonderful chocolate shop on steep hill that I love and I could spend a fortune in there. If you haven't yet been to it you really should. I have lived in Lincoln all of my life and in the future would love to buy a house in Lincoln someday, it is a big aspiration of mine. 

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To finish, if you see some new exciting products launch or a blog post or two, they may have been written by me. I am not sure what I will do once I have finished my apprenticeship at Gifts from Handpicked but I hope it's exciting.