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Get a Spring in your step this Easter time!

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Easter Decorating Tips

With Easter falling earlier than usual this year, it’s thrown many households into a flurry about what decorating schemes they’re going to experiment with this year. If you’re a little late on the seasonal decorating train, don’t worry! We’ve put together a collection of tips, themes and ideas that will have you inspired in no time.

Pretty in pastel

For a traditional look that would definitely get the seal of approval from the Easter Bunny himself, opting for pretty shades of pastel is a failsafe choice. Plus, you can coordinate your chocolate purchasing with your decorating colours to create a whimsical rainbow of pastel colours on Easter Sunday.

Sleek and modern

Bring Easter into the 21st century of décor by reigning in the colour and opting for a darker, more sophisticated aesthetic. This Frosted Easter Twig Tree by Gisela Graham is a wonderful example of how to keep Easter décor sleek and stylish. Complement with metallic wrapped eggs, and fresh flowers in rich shades of purple, red and green.

Get creative

Easter is a fun and playful holiday, which means that’s it’s 100% OK to get festive when it comes to decorating. Create an all-out holiday vibe by giving your creative streak free reign with bunting, garlands, table ornaments and more! We love love LOVE this super cute Jute Bunny Easter Bunting, along with the treat bags that complement the rustic pastel theme.

Throw a party

Show off all your Easter decorating efforts by throwing a dinner party in honour of the occasion. Decorating tables is one of the most creatively rewarding parts of Christmas, and there’s no reason why Easter shouldn’t be the same. We adore seasonal centre pieces such as this ‘Happy Easter’ Home Ornament.

‘Bunnify’ your business

If you run a business, getting into the Easter spirit is a fantastic way to attract customers, and make everyone that steps foot in your establishment feel warm, fuzzy and ready to eat chocolate! Whether you own or work at a café, clothing boutique, rental agency or any other establishment, a little Easter adorning will keep both employees and customers in high spirits. Don’t forget to include an Easter treats bowl!

Ready to start decking out your space with Easter themed embellishments? We’ve got a huge range of handpicked Easter themed decorations for all budgets. Whether you want to stay subtle and understated, or go all out with Easter enthusiasm, we’ve got it covered.