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Gentlemen's Hardware - Father's Day Gifts | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

Gentlemen's Hardware - Father's Day Gifts | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

Welcome to the wonderful world of Gentlemen's Hardware! This is a new brand that has recently launched on our website and we are so excited to show you what they have to offer. The clue is in the name with their products, as they offer a range of gifts fit for gentlemen. From trainer cleaning kits, bicycle multi tools and even playing cards, if you need a novelty gift idea for a man in your life then this is the perfect brand. 

With Father's Day soon approaching we thought it would be a great idea to give Gentlemen's Hardware a warm welcome. With unique and affordable gift ideas for men, their incredible collection features gifts that are ideal for Dad, Grandad and any father figure. A great way to say thank you to your Dad without breaking the bank!

Explore this blog and who knows, you might just find that perfect gentlemen-like gift for Father's Day.


Gentlemen's Hardware Sneaker Cleaning Kit

Gentlemen's Hardware Trainer Cleaning Kit - Gifts for Men

How cool is this little kit from Gentlemen's Hardware! The perfect gift idea if your Dad is a trainer geek. Finished in a novelty tin, this set includes a trainer cleaning brush, cleaning fluid and even a cloth. Compact enough for travelling so your Dad can have the squeakiest trainers around. Kits like this are super on trend at the moment, so if your Dad is down with the kids, we can imagine he would love a unique gift idea like this one.


Gentlemen's Hardware Microphone Novelty Soap On A Rope

Soap On A Rope Gift For Men

Have you ever heard your Dad singing awfully in the shower? Well now its your time to shine by gifting him this novelty soap on a rope by Gentlemen's Hardware. Complete in a matching gift box so all the work is done for you. This soap is the perfect accessory for the bathroom and an even more perfect gift for Father's Day. Lets see how much of a performance he puts on with this soap on a rope!


Gentlemen's Hardware Travel Friendly Flight Ready Kit

Gentlemen's Hardware Flight Ready Kit

If your Dad is a keen traveller, why not gift him this lovely flight ready kit from Gentlemen's Hardware! Presented delightfully in a storage tin, this item has absolutely everything you need from hand and face lotion, three in one wash, face wash and even shaving cream. Perfect for the airport as each item is under the maximum limit, no more decanting your shampoo into those pesky plastic bottles. This kit is so easy to use and travel with which is why it makes the ideal gift to give to someone who is known for jetting off. 


Gentlemen's Hardware Bicycle Multi Tool

Bicycle Multi Tool

Now we think that this bicycle multi tool from Gentlemen's hardware would make the perfect gift idea for a Dad who is always out and about on his bike. It takes a very sporty kind of Dad to love an item like this, but at least with this multi tool you will know that he can be safe on his travels. If any issues arise, this multi tool has basically everything he would need to sort it out! This tool also comes in an awesome matching storage tin which makes for easy accessibility, it can also sit nicely in his shed and not make it messy.


Gentlemen's Hardware Safety Matches In Jar

Gentlemen's Hardware Safety Matches

Matches are one of those things that we don't think we need, but now and again we definitely do! Gentlemen's Hardware have brought out these stylish gold safety matches, with extra long handles and presented in a glass jar. With a striking mat on the back, you can take these lavish matches anywhere for your use. Whether it be to light a candle or a campfire, these matches will be handy to have within the home. If you are looking for a unique gift for your Dad then this is definitely the product for you, it is like nothing we have seen before. A quirky gift for a man!


Gentlemen's Flash Light Torch

Gentlemen's Hardware Flash Light Torch

This flash light torch is super handy, simply keep in your garage and it can be used for the whole family, not just for Dad! It has a compact design which makes it easy to use and easy to store, you can even use the hands free loop so you can have illumination no matter where you are. What makes this torch the perfect gift for Dad is the fact it also has a built in bottle opener, if he is out camping or travelling he can have a cold one on the go! We can bet that you haven't seen a unique torch like this before.


Gentlemen's Hardware Campfire Survival Playing Cards

Gentlemen's Hardware Campfire Survival Playing Cards

To go with the fantastic flash light torch, add to your camping favourites this set of wonderful playing cards by Gentlemen's Hardware. Finished in a brilliant storage tin, this gifting idea comes with playing cards that offer camping tips and tricks. A novelty gift idea for a Dad who loves to go camping. Make sure that he stays safe out and about in the wild with these cards, did we mention that they are also water proof! The perfect accessory to take on a camping trip, your Dad will be an experienced camper in no time with these brilliant playing cards. We also think that they would make a lovely stocking filler for Christmas time.