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Gardening Accessories For Spring | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

Gardening Accessories For Spring | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

If you have a green finger, know someone who does or simply want to get more into gardening then this blog post is for you! The perfect accessories are right under your nose to gift to a friend or family member, or to treat yourself with. Having the right gardening accessories which are useful yet stylish can make it so much easier, from herb pots, garden kneelers, bird houses, string tins and much more. You will be an avid gardener in no time with our fabulous collection!

From well known brands such as Wrendale Designs, Garden Trading and Elite Tins we just cannot wait to show you all of our garden ware products. Explore our collection down below and you might just find something that takes your fancy. Did we mention that they make perfect gift ideas for Mum's, Dad's and even Grandparents.

A Garden Kneeler, Herb Pots and a Bird House From Wrendale Designs

Wrendale Designs Gardening Accessories

All of these products would be sure to look awesome in your potting shed or gardening area. From a garden kneeler, herb pots and a beautiful bird house, your garden will be flourishing in no time. Each of these items includes wonderful illustrations from Hannah Dale, the award winning artist at Wrendale Designs. This imagery features adorable Rabbits, Mice, Owls and tweeting Birds that will be guaranteed to make you smile. Not to mention the garden themed colours which exhibit green and other neutral tones for a perfectly pretty garden display.

As Spring and Summer approaches it is important to get down in the dirt and get gardening, with the fantastic Wrendale Designs garden kneeler you can get to grips with the soil without getting yourself dirty or wearing out your knees. This luxurious garden kneeler comes with lovely illustrations and a handle so you can take it wherever you go! Keep in your gardening shed and get out when need be, or why not gift this kneeler to an avid gardener in your family, they can throw out that old one that they once had.

Also included in this Wrendale collection is a set of three brilliant herb pots, they also come completed on a tray so you can display them wherever you please. The pots themselves feature glorious animals that represent the English countryside, and the tray includes names of different herbs to inspire your green finger! The perfect way to grow herbs and use them in your every day cooking, there is nothing better than a homemade meal with home grown vegetables and herbs.

Our favourite product from this line is this simply stunning bird house from Wrendale Designs. With lovely imagery of a tweeting bird, floral accents and more, not to mention the natural wood finish that offers a rustic feel. Simply pop this bird house up in your garden to offer a brilliant home to visiting wildlife. This way you will be encouraging birds to come to your garden more often!

String Tins from Elite Tins

String Tins by Elite Tins - Gardening Accessories

These string tins from Elite Tins are like nothing we have seen before here at Gifts from Handpicked. A really unique gift idea and accessory to have in your home, whether you are gardening or wrapping presents! These tins come in two lovely designs, one with a rabbit and another with a beautiful bumblebee design which surrounds the entire tin. Inside these tins you will find a round of rustic string which is ideal to use in gardening and for stringing up plants. We love how quirky these tins are and with the brilliant designs you simply cannot go wrong with these gardening accessories. Who said gardening had to be boring?

The first design in this collection is a Thornback and Peel Rabbit string tin, with a country style design to include Rabbits and thistles which surround the outside of the tin. Inside you will find pastoral string that you can use in your garden at any time. The greenery on this tin will be sure to add a matching feel to your potting shed or green house! 

If you are looking to add a bit of colour to your garden then why not purchase this Emma Bridgewater Bumblebee String Tin. The vibrant colours and pretty design are enough to make you say 'wow!' Simply keep this tin in your potting shed for a lovely accessory which you can use all year round. 

Tools and a Gardening Journal

Wrendale Designs Gardening Tools And Journal

Can you tell that Wrendale Designs do the best gardenware around? Another two products from their lovely collection features a fork and trowel set, as well as a gardening journal which makes the perfect gift set! These items also have that well known Wrendale look which we all love. To include neutral themes of green as well as illustrations of countryside animals. Feature the fork and trowel set in your garden to help you with your weeding and use the gardening journal to document what you are growing. You can have a really pretty garden and even prettier accessories to go with it!

The fork and trowel set from Wrendale Designs is presented in a wonderful green gift box and the wooden handles are embossed with 'Wrendale.' You will also find that they are engraved with a beautiful bird that is guaranteed to brighten your day whilst gardening. A unique and high quality set of tools that will last you.

Keep your garden in tip top shape with this great gardening journal from Wrendale Designs. Keep up to date with your plants, flowers and vegetables as well as having space to plan your days, notes, sketches and even delicious recipes that you can recreate. You won't see this in any other gardening journal.


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