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Essentials That You Need In Autumn | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

Essentials That You Need In Autumn | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

It is time to start looking at the colder months, but this doesn't have to be a bad thing! Autumn brings so much enjoyment and if you are not yet prepared, we can guarantee that this blog post will be able to equip you with everything that you need. From award winning brands on our website such as Wrendale Designs, Emma Bridgewater, Wax Lyrical and more; be Autumn ready with our collection of fabulous, unique and novelty necessities. Shop our website here!

Wrendale Designs Green Fox Winter Scarf

When we imagine Autumn we often think of the warm colourations and the beautiful scenery that it displays, that's why in our favourite Autumn essentials we have included this fantastic scarf from the award winning brand Wrendale Designs. A scarf is definitely a must have during the seasons where the weather can particularly unpredictable, they keep you warm whilst keeping you looking stylish and put together all day long. The perfect way to accessorize your outfits for the cold winter months. Wrendale Designs has created the most wonderful winter scarf that will keep you warm no matter where you are going. Planning on taking a venture out into the windy Autumnal weather? Simply wrap yourself up in this thick, high quality scarf from Wrendale Designs for the perfect addition to your cold walks. Designed beautifully with comforting and earthy colours you simply cannot go wrong with this winter scarf, and with imagery of two delightful Foxes snuggled together there is nothing that will make you feel cosier this Autumn. 

Whether you feel like being casual in jeans and a jumper, why not add a splash of colour with this gorgeous scarf? Or add a shawl like finish to a glistening dress with this scarf to keep the windy British weather at bay. The possibilities are endless with this scarf, and in a range of wonderfully decorated designs there are plenty to choose from! Click here to be inspired by our full collection of scarves from the Wrendale Designs collection.



During the colder months all of us love a hot drink, whether it be a lovely brewed British cuppa, a creamy and dreamy hot chocolate or even a tantalising cup of coffee. These wonderful travel cups from the wonderful and award winning brand Emma Bridgewater feature two gorgeous designs that are perfect for anyone! 

On the left we have a lovely pink heart design, complete with shades of pink and a matching lid and holder, this keeps your hands protected from hot liquids no matter where you are. This makes these cups the perfect accessory to carry around when going on long walks through the orange and yellow leave.  On the right we have a slightly brighter and more vibrant approach to these travel cups, which includes imagery of gorgeous bumblebees, matched with a yellow lid and holder to brighten up your day. Take them through the wilderness to keep you warm all day long, whilst quenching your thirst and dancing on your taste buds. 

I have chosen these particular travel cups on our website as Emma Bridgewater has created a delectable assortment of designs which we know all of our customers will love, with autumnal colours and made from sustainable materials you simply cannot go wrong.

Everyone needs a travel cup no matter who you are! Why not make the purchase today from our glorious collection.



As the days get shorter and the dark weather gets longer, it is so vital that we prepare ourselves and our homes for the season. Popping the heating on is always an option as the English weather dawns on us, however if you need that extra kick of comfort we have the perfect item for you. This adorable water bottle doesn't just have to be for children, simply pop hot water inside this fluffy companion to keep you snug on the Autumn evenings, finished with a dog character sleeve that will be sure to be your new best friend. Perfect for back ache, stomach ache and those cold hands and feet, it is always an essential to have in your home during the colder months. Wrap this soft and cute character around you for a warming feel, 

I believe that being comfortable and cosy during Autumn is so important, and what better way to feel the love and joy of the end of the year than with a cuddly home accessory. No this puppy hot water bottle is probably not the trendiest product around, but it is certainly charming and will be a credit to you this Autumn.

Treat yourself to this water bottle from Warmies or why not gift this hot water bottle, we know that they would love it just as much as we do, after all there is nothing quite like snuggling up on the sofa with a hot water bottle.



Candles galore, a pure delight that makes every house feel like a home. But what scent do you go for as an Autumnal accessory for your living space? I have picked out this earthy and musky scent from our Wax Lyrical x Wrendale Designs collection which I believe is the ideal home fragrance for any room. In two different candle designs you can adorn every table and windowsill with these beautiful candles for a sense of warmth and relaxation in your home. 

The simplistic design and nature of these candles is what makes them so special, in a trinket and wooden lid composition the choice is completely yours! If you like a more classical and yet floral approach to an ornament then we would recommend going for the trinket candle ( left hand side picture. ) However if you are the sort of person who likes contemporary and naturistic items then the candle jar with the wooden lid is definitely the candle for you. Each product comes with the most detailed illustrations from award winning artist Hannah Dale which exhibits the pure nature of the English countryside, with fantastic creatures such as a Squirrels and Hedgehogs, which also fit into the Autumnal theme perfectly! From the auburn coloured fur and the personality of the timid Hedgehog.

Light up these candles and immerse yourself into the soft and smoked scent of a woodland, with notes of nutmeg and cypress the Autumnal scenes are only a sniff away!



At Gifts from Handpicked we can't stay away from the Autumnal colours, and paired with a cosy throw for your living room or bedroom, there is no better match. Decorated in a burnt orange shade complete with tassel's and a knitted design, adorn a bed or sofa with this throw and cuddle up in the evening. We could go to sleep just thinking about it!

Created with high quality and comfort in mind, Gisela Graham has embedded the love of Autumn within this knitted throw, and when it comes to the creating a warming ensemble in your home, texture is your best friend. Throws like this one are the most amazing home accessory and create a lovely impact with hardly any work needed at all. You can just imagine it can't you, sitting on the sofa in the evening doing some Autumnal arts and crafts, or watching a film whilst the rain pours, what better companion to have on your comfort journey. You are sure that you will be obsessed with this throw from Gisela Graham, we know we are! 


We love this selection of items for the Autumn season, and we are sure that you will too! However if you would like more inspiration for your home and garden, as well as yourself and the people around you, why not be inspired by our website today. Be Autumn ready this year with our online shop, with a choice of home accessories and luxuries we have everything you need here at Gifts from Handpicked.