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Did You Know We Are On Pinterest? | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

Did You Know We Are On Pinterest? | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

Welcome to the wonderful world of Pinterest! Pinterest was founded in 2010, since then millions of followers have joined the social platform to simply get creative, which is why we love it so much. From sharing ideas to cooking, home design, and even gift ideas, Pinterest has everything you need to get your brain ticking. 

At Gifts from Handpicked we have our own Pinterest page which includes a huge variety of products on our website, if you don't fancy glancing through our pages straight away why not take a look at our Pinterest boards to give you inspiration. Each pin has a link straight to the product so you can shop easily and freely. 

Our Pinterest is developing day by day and we love sharing all of our new products on there as well as our many other social media platforms, you should give us a follow on there and if you see anything you fancy then why not pin it to give you ideas later on. That is the joy of Pinterest, happy pinning!

Gifts from Handpicked Pinterest Page

Here are just a few of our boards that we have created to inspire you into the wonderous world of pinning, from designer brands that we know our customers love such as Emma Bridgewater and Sara Miller to gift occasions such as gifts for teachers, gifts for children and much more. Some boards have more products in than others but we are quickly expanding all of them with our new and upcoming releases. Whenever we release new products on the Gifts from Handpicked website you can be sure to find them on our Pinterest board soon after. Keep a look out on our website and Pinterest for when these go live, you will not want to miss it!

Gifts from Handpicked Pinterest Page

If you are unsure as to where to start on our Pinterest board, to find some inspiration why not have a browse through our current top boards for the year. These are the boards which have the most pins from other people so we are sure that you will love them.

Christmas decorations are always popular and as you can shop them all year round on our website, we can see why! If you click on the Christmas decoration board you will be inundated with a variety of novelty and unique decorations in all their festive glory, if you don't want to read the descriptions but simply like seeing visually what the product is all about, Pinterest is the place to start.

Our second top board at the moment is Easter decorations, and as we are coming up to Spring this is the perfect board to get your brain ticking away. Explore everything from Bunny Rabbits, Hedgehog decorations, wooden geese and beautiful birds with eggs. You never know, you might end up finding something very special for your home at Easter time. 

To finish, Wrendale Designs is a company that we are very proud to stock at Gifts from Handpicked. With the most eye catching illustrations from Hannah Dale there is no wonder that this company is one of our top boards, this collection features everything from storage tins, jigsaw puzzles, lip balms, scarves and much more. Go ahead and let your shopping fantasies run wild!

If you are an avid pinner then why not give us a follow on Pinterest, we promise it will be worth your while with all of our new and exciting releases. And if you are looking at using Pinterest or want to get started, our gift inspiring page is the perfect way to ease you into the wonderful world of Pinterest, follow us here today!