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Decorating Your Christmas Tree


Decorating The Tree


This year people seem to be getting earlier and earlier decorating the tree. When I was young the tradition used to be put up 12 days before and take down 12 days after. With so many beautiful decorations now available homes are adorned with beautiful decorations from as early as November! Here at Gifts From Handpicked we visit the Christmas trade show in January ensuring that we walk every aisle looking for pretty and unique decorations. We work with leading designers Gisela Graham, Heaven Sends and East of India to bring you beautiful products. We want to ensure your home is accessorised for the festive season, so when you and your family are decorating the tree you will have the perfect decorations to make the experience truly special.


The items we stock on our website are perfect for decorating the tree with and create a proud home owner who wants a traditional and fun feel during the holiday season. With baubles, tree decorations, wreaths, plaques, scented candles and bunting you are sure to make Santa's visit memorable. Our range of Christmas decorations for decorating the tree range from traditional baubles to Penguins, Polar Bears and Gingerbread men! However you choose to decorate your tree with our range you will be sure to add some charm.


When designing items for decorating the tree we always have an excellent attention to detail and design them to the highest standards - so you know you will receiving the very best items. Some people choose a coloured theme whilst others have collected decorations from special places with meaning. One thing for sure you will never get two Christmas trees the same!


Do you want to buy the perfect items for decorating the tree? Why not contact Gifts From Handpicked?  If you have any questions about the items we stock on our website - feel free to contact one of our team today. We love Christmas and are here to help!

                       gingerbread christmas tree decoration                                    tartan snowflake hanging decoration                     

                   reindeer textured christmas decoration                         set of 12 holly decorated baubles

                       fretwork wooden christmas decoration                                                glass three kings christmas decorations   






       fabric robin christmas decoration pegs