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Count Down to Christmas With Our Advent Calendars! | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

Count Down to Christmas With Our Advent Calendars! | Gifts from Handpicked Blog


You may of seen on the internet, or in your local shops that advent calendars have become increasingly popular over the years. Although the tradition is to open little doors or drawers to reveal pictures or chocolate, many brands are reaching out into more of our favourite things. When you go to purchase an advent calendar now, you can get makeup, jewellery, food and much more inside! People seem to love advent calendars more than they have ever before, with many big brands selling out of their advent calendars within days, and even setting up waitlists to purchase these incredible calendars. 

Although advent calendars seem to be all around us during the festive season, it has us thinking, where did they come from in the first place? Like many modern day Christmas traditions, the advent calendar actually came from Germany. Leading up to Christmas day, many German protestants during the early nineteenth century would count down the days of advent by burning a candle each day or by using white chalk to mark doors from the 1st of December to the 24th of December. It seems as though the actual idea of a physical advent calendar came from two different people in the nineteenth century, one being a protestant book shop owner in Hamburg who produced the very first one, and the other being a mother of a child in Germany who stuck 24 sweets onto some cardboard to help her child count down the days throughout advent. This child was called Gerhard Lang and as he grew to be older, this idea of an 'advent calendar' stuck with him, leading him to create the very first advent calendar with his business partner Reichhold. In 1908 they opened a printing office and seemed to make an advent calendar, the first of its kind.

On our website, we stock advent calendars for Christmas, they make wonderful home accessories for Christmas! Include your family and friends in counting down the days until you hear Santa coming down the chimney. Explore some of our best selling advent calendars and countdown blocks down below.


Wooden Christmas Countdown Calendars

Wooden Countdown Christmas Calendars

These traditional Christmas countdown calendars are the perfect way to start getting excited for the festive season. All of these incredible countdown calendars are from Heaven Sends and include rustic and novelty designs that will put a smile on your face. These designs include a wooden Reindeer, an adorable Santa, a cute Cupcake and even a wooden Train! Each calendar has different designs that include countdown blocks inside the wooden figurines as well as drawers on the wooden Train, which make them great for shelves, windowsills, and on mantel pieces! Simply add these decorations to your Christmas decor and be amazed at the traditional colours and timeless finishes. If you want to shop any of these countdown decorations or advents, you can click the links below!

Heaven Sends Christmas Reindeer Countdown Block Decoration

Heaven Sends Wooden Santa Christmas Countdown Block Decoration

Heaven Sends Wooden Cupcake Christmas Countdown Block Decoration

Heaven Sends Wooden Train Christmas Countdown Decoration


Book Style Christmas Advent Calendars

Wooden Countdown Book Christmas Decorations

If you are looking for something a little bit more modern in your home for Christmas, why not go for one of these book style advent calendars. From brands such as Yvonne Ellen and Heaven Sends, these advent calendars are perfect for adults, teenagers and children alike. On the left you have a candle advent calendar from Yvonne Ellen which is the perfect gift idea for a special lady in your life, open up each door to reveal a scented candle that will make your home smell simply splendid! And on the right we have a white and gold picturesque scene advent calendar from Heaven Sends, completed with 24 drawers in which you can include a special sweet treat or anything else that you would like to offer! With a sturdy base and high quality designs, this advent calendar is a must have this Christmas. As it is a staple Christmas home accessory, you can bring it out year after year! Shop these book style advent calendars below.

Yvonne Ellen Fragranced Candle Christmas Advent Calendar

Heaven Sends Wooden Book Christmas Advent Calendar


Disney Christmas Advents and Countdown Decorations

Disney Countdown Decorations and Christmas Advents

Now, if you are looking for a bit of Disney magic in your home for Christmas, we have the perfect set of advents and countdown calendars. Ranging from characters such as Winnie the Pooh to Mickey Mouse you can go Disney mad with these decorations. Whether you are a child or an adult Disney lover, these advent calendars and countdown decorations will be sure to put you in the mood for Christmas time. Choose from a Winnie the Pooh countdown block decoration, to hanging felt advent calendars which include your favourite Disney characters. The most beautiful Christmas decor for living rooms, bedrooms and more! Simply change the blocks each day to countdown to Christmas, or why not fill these felt advent calendars with your favourite festive treats. We promise that they won't disappoint! If you are a Disney lover or need a gift for a Disney fanatic, you can shop these amazing products down below:

Widdop Winnie the Pooh Countdown Christmas Decoration

Widdop Winnie the Pooh Felt Christmas Advent Calendar

Widdop Mickey Mouse Felt Christmas Advent Calendar

Widdop Winnie the Pooh Merry Christmas Little One Advent Calendar


Are you excited for Christmas? We know we are! We hope that this blog has offered you some inspiration for your next Christmas countdown decoration or advent calendar. Christmas is one of the most wonderful times of the year, so why not celebrate in style with these luxurious and high quality calendars. Add them to your Christmas display or gift them to a loved one, the choice is yours! To shop more from our fantastic advent calendar range, you can click the link to discover more unique and novelty advent calendars. 

Merry Christmas!