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May – The ultimate list of children’s birthday gifts when you are really stuck for what to buy!

We all hope that our children will get invited to plenty of birthday parties during their childhood, and whilst it is good to think that our children have plenty of friends, you do soon realise that this means you have lots of presents to buy.

Chances are that you won’t know all of the children well, which can mean that picking a present can cause a huge headache.

If you are stuck for gift ideas for kids, why not let us help you here at Gifts from Handpicked? We are gift experts, which means that we are best placed to give you some ideas and inspiration to make sure that your gift is a success at the next birthday party.

Rachel Ellen Stacking Tin for Hair Accessories

Depending on the girl that you are buying for, there is a good chance that they will have a whole load of hair accessories scattered throughout their home. This stacking tin is not only cute, but it is useful for the parents too, meaning that you make the child happy and also keep the parents happy too!

Pocket Pennies Little Mans Savings

Kids love getting pennies and popping them away, and this great savings jar is a fun way for them to save. Not only are they reusable, but they are relatively neutral too. Making them an ideal gift for a variety of ages and tastes.

Traditional Wooden Tea Party Biscuit Game

There are plenty of kids out there that love playing with toy food. These wooden biscuits are not only super cute, but they are fun for the kids too. They are beautifully made and they come with their own biscuit box, which means they are easy for kids (and parents) to put away at the end of the day.

Betty Bear Bedtime Buddy

Having someone to cuddle at night is important for the majority of kids, and if they are looking for the perfect friend, then this bear may be it. Cute and cuddly, Betty comes in her own sleeping bag and her own box bed. Meaning that she is ready for any sleepover!

Fred Dinner Winner Melamine Plate

Kids can be fussy eaters, so if you know one that isn’t always the best at dinner time, or simply want to make dinner time fun for them, then this plate is the best gift possible. It turns dinner into a bit of a game, and encourages them to finish their meal!

A fairy door

The innocence of children is something that is really magical. This means that whilst you can you should embrace it. Why not encourage the birthday girl to believe in fairies, with this amazing little door?

Now, all you have to remember is the name of the birthday boy or girl, else you may find yourself in a spot of trouble. 

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