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Charlotte's Favourite Products | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

Charlotte's Favourite Products | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

Meet Charlotte, our fantastic assistant manager at Gifts from Handpicked. Charlotte has worked at Gifts from Handpicked for 5 years and is one of the many reasons we all love working at Gifts from Handpicked. Charlotte never fails to make us all laugh, she is super kind, caring, and not to mention her incredible baking and cooking skills. There have been multiple cake parties at Gifts from Handpicked since Charlotte has been here, that is for sure!

This week, we will be diving into Charlotte's top 5 favourite products. Having asked Charlotte what her favourite products were, there was one brand going through my mind. Anyone and everyone who works at Gifts from Handpicked knows that Charlotte is a HUGE lover of Sara Miller. Whenever we have a brand new delivery of Sara Miller products in the building, best believe Charlotte is there front and centre to see what they have to offer. Her home is wonderfully colourful, with lots of Sara Miller boasting all around the place. With this being said, be prepared to see a couple of Sara Miller items within her top five products, but there is also some novelty bits that we are sure you'll love just as much as Charlotte does.


1. Sara Miller Giraffe Design Pink Biscuit Barrel

Sara Miller Giraffe Biscuit Barrel

Up first on Charlotte's top five favourite products is this gorgeous pink Giraffe design biscuit barrel from Sara Miller.Made from tin, this biscuit barrel features a vibrant pink backdrop, completed with metallic Giraffes and gold accents of foliage. This biscuit barrel has an air tight lid so you can be sure that your biscuits and other delicious treats will stay tasty all day long.The perfect way to add colour and shine into your kitchen or pantry without redecorating your whole home! If you love bright colours and jungle themes just as much as Charlotte does, you will be sure to love this biscuit barrel from Sara Miller.


2. Gisela Graham Elephant Christmas Tree Decorations

Gisela Graham Elephant Christmas Tree Decorations

Can you tell that Charlotte likes her jungle themed homeware? Next up on Charlotte's list is this simply stunning set of carnival Elephant Christmas tree decorations by Gisela Graham. These resin decorations feature purple, green and gold colourations for a magical look to your Christmas tree. The intricate detailing on these hanging ornaments will be enough to turn heads, pair with other animal themed decorations and create your own Zoo this festive season. Charlotte loves these decorations as they match her jungle themed living room, what better way to finish your festive display then with some carnival Elephants! If you are like Charlotte and love the brightness that jungle themes bring to your home, why not purchase these Gisela Graham Elephant Christmas tree decorations today.


3. Ginger Fox Calm Your Tits Humorous Card Game

Ginger Fox Calm Your Tits Card Game

Well didn't this take a turn! Number three in Charlotte's favourite products is this humorous card game from Ginger Fox. The Calm Your Tits card game is a race to win matching pairs of birds, it is basically like snap but with hilarious birds. This card game comes with 48 cards and rules for you to use, play with your friends and get those giggles going. The reason Charlotte loves this card game so much is that she believes it is a great gift idea. No matter who you are, card games are an essential activity to have in your home. At birthdays and Christmas, it is always so much fun to whip out a novelty card game, Calm Your Tits by Ginger Fox is the perfect card game to feature within your games cupboard. Gift to friends or family and watch them smirk and snigger, a unique card game that will be sure to elevate games night.


4. Gisela Graham Speckled Egg and Floral Easter Wreath

Gisela Graham Spring Easter Wreath

Charlotte has chosen the Gisela Graham Speckled Egg and Floral Easter Wreath for number four on her list. This fabulous wreath can be used throughout the Spring season, the perfect door accessory for Easter time. As Charlotte loves her colour, this wreath was bound to be one of her favourites. Get excited at the pastel colour scheme of the speckled eggs, as well as the simply stunning artificial flowers. The combination of pastel colours and greenery within this wreath really makes it stand out from the crowd. Made with high quality in mind, you can keep this Easter wreath in your collection for years to come. Place it on your front door to greet your family and friends, or why not use it on your dining room table as a centrepiece. 


5. Sara Miller Green Chelsea Bird Storage Tin

Sara Miller Green Chelsea Bird Storage Tin

We couldn't finish this list without guessed it! Another Sara Miller product. Charlotte has handpicked this Green Chelsea Bird Storage Tin as her number five in the list. Sara Miller have created this incredible storage tin to feature a bright green presentation, completed with colourful birds and metallic gold foliage. If you need to spruce up your tinware in the kitchen, why not go for this lovely storage tin. This storage tin is super versatile too, use it within your kitchen or anywhere else in your home to store essential items. No matter where you choose to place it, it will be sure to bring colour and joy into any room. Charlotte likes the fact Sara Miller creates different designs and colour schemes for each of her products, they don't have to match but go so perfectly together! For example, putting the Pink Giraffe Biscuit Barrel and this Chelsea Bird Green Storage Tin together would be a match made in heaven.


If you have liked the look of any of these products, you can shop the full Sara Miller range on our website, as well as all of our jungle themed decorations and the Ginger Fox Games too! 

Happy Shopping!