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Candles For All Occasions | Gifts from Handpicked Blog

Candles For All Occasions | Gifts from Handpicked Blog


We have candles for all occasions on our website, from candles for teachers, family members, Halloween candles, happy birthday candles and more. That is why we thought it would be a great idea to create a blog post about some of our favourite types of candles that we sell. This way you can get more of a feel of the sorts of candles we stock, there is a lot to go through so if you can't find the type of candle that you want in this blog, you can explore all of our candles on our website through the link. 

Sometimes you just can't find that perfect present for someone special, but everyone loves a nice candle now and again, so if you are struggling for a gift idea why not take a look at some of these candles. You will find that some of them are also gift boxed so the work is all done for you, or why not opt for our gift wrapping service at checkout so you can make that gift that extra bit special. 

Explore some of the ranges of candles that we stock down below!


Happy Birthday Candles

If you are looking for a pretty and novelty birthday gift that is affordable and still meaningful, why not go for one of these stunning birthday candles! From award winning brands such as Widdop, East of India and Wax Lyrical, these candles come in all sorts of different shapes and colours so you can pick out the one ideal for your recipient. 

Happy Birthday To You Luxe Hotchpotch Widdop Candle - This candle is simply beautiful and features a pink and rose gold design, complete with writing that reads 'happy birthday to you." Finished in tin for a novelty feel, gift to a friend or family member as part of their birthday gift. The scent of this candle is fig and jasmine, light within the home to present a floral yet light scent that will fill your home. 

Wax Lyrical Happy Birthday Reed Diffuser and Candle - We absolutely love this happy birthday gift, as you get two products in one set! Presented beautifully in a yellow gift bag with a reed diffuser and candle, the perfect birthday gift idea for those who love home fragrance. Place either of these items in your home to bring a gorgeous scent as well as a splash of colour. 

East of India 18th Birthday Candle - If you need a 18th birthday gift then this candle is ideal! From the fantastic brand East of India, this candle is featured in the scent of black pomegranate with a gift box that reads "18 eighteen." Presented in tin for a rustic look, display in your home and keep as a keepsake to remind you of your 18th birthday.


Candles For Teachers Blog Banner

How about a novelty gift for a teacher? We have three candles on offer that will be sure to put a smile on your teachers face. A lovely way to say thank you for all of their hard work and efforts. All of these candles are from East of India and present the most wonderful scents that we think any teacher would love! So if you need teacher gift inspiration, we have got you covered. 

East of India Thank You For Being My Teacher Candle - We absolutely love this teacher candle, with its stunning heart and spotty design as well as the fruity scent of fig and pear. If you want to say thank you to your teacher but don't quite know how to say it, why not purchase this beautiful candle so all the work is done for you!

East of India Special Teacher Jar Candle - If you know that your teacher likes the sweeter things in life, this vanilla scented jar candle would be the perfect thank you gift. Uniquely finished in a jar, this candle comes with a gold screw top lid and lovely imagery which reads "special teacher." 

East of India Thank You For Being My Teaching Assistant Candle - There are plenty of gifts out there for teachers, but how about thanking teaching assistants? In the same design as the teacher candle, we have a teaching assistant candle which offers a different scent of peppered pomegranate for a sweet yet smoky scent. 


Christmas Candles

Want your home to smell delicious for the Christmas period? How about looking through our range of Christmas scented candles. To include brands such as Gisela Graham and East of India for that utterly festive feel. Each one has a beautiful design and even more beautiful scents!

Gisela Graham Pear Scented Christmas Candle - If you want your home to smell like cooked pears at Christmas time we have the most stunning candle from Gisela Graham, finished with a 12 days of Christmas design and vibrant accents to make your home stand out from the crowd. It also comes with a gift box so you can gift this candle to your friends and family members. 

East of India Warm Mince Pies Candle - Who doesn't love a warm mince pie at Christmas? Now you can replicate the scent of mince pies in your home with this elegant tin candle from East of India. Simply light this candle to reveal the mouth watering scent, what more could you want for the festive period!

Gisela Graham Christmas Pudding Scented Candle - If you don't fancy mince pies in your home then how about the tongue tingling scent of Christmas pudding, yum yum! This candle comes with a beautifully decorated glass holder and a matching gift box, present in your home to bring the festive fun. These also come in large and small as well!


Candles For The Family

At Gifts from Handpicked we also have candles for many members of the family. Whether it be your Grandma, Mum, Sister, Auntie or Daughter, we have a candle for each and every one of them! Each candle has been created by Gisela Graham and is finished with a pretty glass holder and a matching colourful gift box. So have a look into each one below and you might just find the perfect candle for your family member.

Wonderful Lovely Grandma Candle by Gisela Graham - This candle designed perfectly for those amazing Grandma's out there, is featured in the scent of floral sweet peas for a feminine scent. A gorgeous gift for your Grandma, why not gift her this candle for her birthday!

Wonderful Amazing Mum Candle by Gisela Graham - Tell your mum how wonderful she really is with this coconut and fig scented candle, finished with a frosted glass holder and silver writing that your mum can keep as a keepsake. A graceful home accessory and perfect gift idea for your mum.

Wonderful Lovely Sister Candle by Gisela Graham - Sisters can be so hard to buy for sometimes, but don't worry, we've got you covered! Candles are the ideal gift and with this specific one from Gisela Graham you can show your sister some appreciation. Completed with a vibrant gift box for a luxurious finish and scented with jasmine and vanilla.

Super Lovely Auntie Candle by Gisela Graham - Scented with bergamot and lily, this auntie themed candle is a great gift idea and an even prettier home accessory. Look at the pastel colourations and lovely glass holder! Gift to your auntie for Christmas, we are sure that she'll love it.

Beautiful Amazing Daughter Candle by Gisela Graham - Finally we have a daughter candle from our Gisela Graham collection which would make a great stocking filler for Christmas time. Finished with heartfelt writing and scented with pomelo and honeysuckle for a floral yet sweet scent, a wonderful gift for your daughter to show her how amazing she is.


Decorative Candles

If you don't need a candle as a gift, but you simply want a candle to decorate your home with, we have a range of the most beautiful candles from Wrendale Designs x Wax Lyrical. In a variety of different designs and shapes, these candles will make stunning additions to your living room, kitchen and even bathroom! Have a look at some of the items down below.

Wrendale Designs x Wax Lyrical Hawthorn Blossom and Rosehip Bumblebee Trinket Candle - How stunning is this Bumblebee designed candle, gorgeously presented in ceramic with the floral scent of hawthorn blossom and rosehip. A luxurious candle that you can feature in your living room for a buzzing finish.

Wrendale Designs x Wax Lyrical Hawthorn Blossom and Rosehip Set of Two Candles - Now you can get two of these stunningly presented candles, finished with the most elegant illustrations of birds by award winning artist Hannah Dale. A great accessory if you want a touch of pink to your home.

Wrendale Designs x Wax Lyrical Meadowsweet and White Lilac Set of Two Candles - Who doesn't want their home to smell like a floral meadow? We know we do! Another set of two ceramic candles finished with a Hare design, the perfect set of candles to get rid of cooking smells and odours.

Wrendale Designs x Wax Lyrical Wood Sorrel and Oak Jar Candle - This jar candle is one of our favourites, completed in ceramic with a wood lid and a detailed illustration of a Squirrel which brings colour and life to any room. If you are more into smoky and earthy scents then this candle is perfect for you!


Candles have been given as gorgeous gifts for years and years now, and we can understand why! Most of them are affordable and they bring joy to those who love delightful scents. We hope that you have found a candle on this blog that you can gift to someone in your life, if you are looking for a bit more of inspiration then you can shop more candle gift ideas on our website.

Happy Shopping!

The Gifts from Handpicked team x