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Buying gifts for women - Tips to Get it Right

There is little point in denying it any longer: Christmas is coming and gifts must now be purchased (unless you like to leave it until last minute which ends up costing you more money and stress than it is worth!). For men, this is particularly difficult, especially when it comes to shopping for a significant other. Fear not, men! You are not alone: despite what you may have been told, women are indeed just as difficult to shop for.

The article that follows will explore possible options, as well as some of the pitfalls which you may encounter.

Some tips

Fortunately, buying presents is easier than it has ever been, thanks to a number of websites which specialise in the selection of unique gifts. There are, however, a number of rules which you would be well-advised to adhere to.

Listen for hints

Women will often drop hints – but they are often overly subtle about it. Be sure to listen out for these – if an advert for something comes on the television and she declares an immediate interest in it, then this is probably not just idle chit-chat.

Remember her dietary requirements

If you intend to get her chocolate when she is attempting to diet, exercise caution. The gift may well be appreciated, but you may also be castigated at a later date for sabotaging her attempt at self-improvement. If she is trying to cut back on something, whether it be chocolate, alcohol or tobacco, then perhaps an item appropriately themed gift would be well-received.

Ask her friends

It is worthwhile canvassing her friends for opinions; they will, in most cases, have a great deal of insight to offer. Be wary, however – some friends will report back to your significant other and your efforts will be undermined as a consequence.

Wrap the presents properly

It is important that gifts are properly wrapped – with a ribbon, where possible. It is not necessary to be obsessive about it, but a lack of care in the presentation of a gift will demonstrate a lack of care about its recipient. This is not an impression which you want to give.

Make sure you get her something

Many women will declare that they don’t really want anything. This is an insane lie, presumably borne of some mad desire to test you. Or, at least, it is safe to assume as much. If you get her a gift when she doesn’t want one, you can always take it back; get her no gift when she does want one and she may not speak to you for months on end!

Pamper her

Polling has been conducted in order to work out which of the two sexes does the most work during Christmas. This research confirms what most of us already long-suspected: that women feel the stress of the season far more greatly than men, who will, if the polls are to be believed, spend most of their time drunk.

A popular gift for women, then, is one which allows them to pamper themselves and relax. Aromatic soaps and candles are often appreciated. If she has a particular preference of fragrance or colour, then shop according to that; if not, then go for something universal. Coffee or butterscotch flavours are available, but they will not be appreciated by everyone.

This option is often unfairly derided as overly ‘safe’, but there is nothing wrong with safety – provided you think that the woman in question will appreciate the rationale behind the decision. Women hold varying opinions; many will prefer safety to the terrors which more adventurous shopping might unearth.

Go on a date

Nowadays, it is increasingly difficult to find quality time together. This is never more so than during the festive season. It may be, however, that another special occasion, such as a birthday, arrives during the festive season. This is no reason that such occasions cannot be marked with a special event – one which allows a couple some time away from the stress – a night out, a show or a simple long walk is often enough.

The most obvious and best, is to arrange a meal at a restaurant. Tripadvisor will be able to help in this regard, though you should also consider the foods she likes to eat and the convenience of getting there quickly if you intend to surprise her. If the occasion is particularly special, then a weekend away might be a better idea. Do something fun, that you’ve never done before. Make sure your plans cater to her interests rather than your own.

Make her feel sexy

Women appreciate being made to feel sexy for their partner. This means buying lingerie – among other things. Get it right and the rewards could be tangible. Get it wrong, and the consequences may be severe.

Unfortunately, buying a woman lingerie is an enterprise fraught with peril. You do not, after all, want to make her feel cheap. Get something classy – or, if you lack the class to know what that is, get her something expensive.

Woe betide any man who overestimates (or, worse, underestimates) the required size. Obviously, simply asking is out of the question, as it would ruin the surprise (more on that later). Instead, use more subtle means of reconnaissance – you might offer to do the washing and ironing for example.

This option may be unpalatable – or it might arouse suspicion. You might instead wait until she has left the house before conducting a thorough examination of her underwear drawer. If you consider this to be overly intrusive, then your relationship is probably not at the proper stage for you to be buying lingerie.

Surprise her

Women like to be surprised. Unfortunately, many men find it difficult to surprise a woman. Or, to be more specific, many men find it difficult to pleasantly surprise a woman – a jar of marmite or a power drill may be surprising, but that doesn’t make them acceptable as gifts.

Using subtle measures, it is possible to manage her expectations. It is often sufficient to show a mild disinterest in the build-up and then reveal something special on the day. If you feel that the payoff would justify it, you can even outright lie about it by apologising for the inadequacy of your gift in advance: this is, however, an extremely risky maneuverer.

If you are buying for a significant anniversary, then you might consider framing a photo of the two of you and presenting it as a side-gift too.