Gifts From Handpicked

Why we Are Members of the Gift Association

We here at Gifts From Handpicked are proud of our membership of the Gift Association, a trade representative body which serves giftware companies from all across the country. That’s why you’ll see their logo displayed front and centre on this very website.

Being members of the giftware association provides us with a number of benefits. Membership makes us part of a wider community, allows us to stay abreast of developments in the industry and affords us access to a number of highly-skilled specialists, any of whom might contribute to helping Gifts From Handpicked develop and thrive.

As members of the Gift Association, we’re able to promote our business far more effectively than we otherwise might. The GA grants us free PR opportunities and initiatives to help us build and maintain our presence and to attract new customers to this site. It also places us in a better position to meet new and exciting creative people and build up our range of wonderful gift items even more!

The giftware industry involves a great deal more creativity than most. Consequently, it’s vitally important that we protect our intellectual property – and that of the designers and manufacturers we work with. It’s therefore important that we have access to the highly-specialised legal expertise, and the legal insurance protection, that the GA provides us with – which would otherwise be inaccessible.

This legal advice will also detail changes in legislation. Through membership, we have access to valuable information and advice about how changes to the law might affect the way we do business. Moreover, it allows us to join together with other businesses in order to effect the way that this legislation is implemented. This is especially valuable in an industry such as this one, which is comprised of a multitude of small businesses. Through the GA, those businesses are granted a voice in Westminster.

As well as this, membership of the GA also allows us more tangible benefits. It grants us a number of special rates and discounts for things like trade shows and hotel costs – which makes it easier for us to maintain a presence in the giftware community. It also grants us more of that most valuable commodity – time. Since membership allows us to liaise with professionals to help run our business, we have more time available to build it and thereby bring you, our customers, the fantastic products you see on this website.

Here at Gifts From Handpicked, we have a great deal of knowledge and experience about this industry. But at the same time, it’s good to occasionally learn new things. Fortunately, membership of the Gift Association allows us to do exactly that. Through the GA, we’ve access to an army of consultants and industry experts. We’re able to attend seminars and other training opportunities, each of which helps us to build our base of knowledge.

Through the GA, we can run Gifts From Handpicked as effectively as possible and ensure that it delivers the very best in giftware for years to come!