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Personalise your Gifts

Here at Gifts From Handpicked, we know better than most, that selecting the right gift can be a remarkably difficult – not to mention stressful – process. Those looking for gifts often find themselves staring at a variety of different products, wondering whether they really are appropriate for the person they are buying for.

It is this problem that our website has always sought to address. Up until now, we have done this by simply bringing to our customers a range of high-quality, interesting, creative and beautiful items. In doing this, our aim has always been to make the gift shopping experience that much easier, while introducing our customers to the wonderful work of all of the exciting designers that supply us. This is something that will never change – because that’s why we do what we do.

That said, we now feel it's time to take things a stage further.

While all of our gifts are of the utmost quality – and we take pride ourselves in ensuring that this is so – they could be enhanced with that extra special touch that comes with personalisation. That's why we've launched Personalise the Gift, a website containing a vast range of items which can be personalised according to your specific needs.

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Sometimes designers seek to affect this personal touch by making reference to characteristics shared by all of us. For example, a mug might declare its bearer to be a grumpy old man. This is possible because – and we are fairly sure of this – there are a great many grumpy old men in the world. But if describing the gift's recipient in terms which could be applied to a number of people gives it a personal touch, then naming them explicitly makes the gift even more personal. After all, in an ideal world, all of our gifts would come bearing our names on the front or containing an inside joke between friends.

This is where personalised gifts come into their own. After all, what whiskey glass, mug, door plaque or coaster, could be better suited to an individual than one bearing his or her name on the front? That way everyone will know who the item in question belongs to and the owner will be reminded of who bought it for them every day. What more could one ask for in a gift?

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And this personalisation needn't just be restricted to a name. Items can include entire personalised messages, unique to your experience with the recipient of your gift. Perhaps you had an in-joke you’ve always shared with a close friend. Well, now you can emblazon that sentiment across one of our many high-quality items. The possibilities, if not limitless, are certainly extensive.

So, if you're looking for a gift for a special person in your life, then take a moment to browse our selection. We’ve divided it up into all of the usual categories which you have come to expect. We are certain that you will find an item suitable for any occasion; what's more, now that you can personalise your selection, you'll be able to make it wholly unique to the person you’re buying for!