Gifts From Handpicked

Still not sure what to get Dad this Fatherís Day?

Father's Day is fast approaching and so many of us will be looking for ideas for a suitable gift. There are many different sorts of item that dads will appreciate. Let's take a look at some of them.


Jewelry makes for excellent gift material, for two reasons. Firstly, it is extravagant – as any good gift, to a certain extent, should be. Secondly, since it is designed to be worn, it will provide the recipient with a constant reminder of the person who gifted the item to them.

That said, Jewelry is often a tricky thing to buy - and more so for men than for women. Quality jewelry comes at a price. Men are, for the most part, more restrained in their use of jewelry than woman. While women can wear multiple sets of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings without raising an eyebrow, men who do so are apt to look slightly eccentric.

It is therefore important to be discerning in your choice of jewelry and to opt for that which best reflects your father's taste and personality. A single expensive piece is better than many cheaper ones. Timekeeping pieces like this pocket watch represent tried-and-true gift material.

Wallets & bags

Wallets and bags are a good deal more useful than jewelry. They make suitable gifts for dads who struggle to keep their possessions in order, or who spend a lot of time travelling.


Clothing also makes for excellent gift material. After all, it is something that everyone needs and that no dad can really have too much of. This is largely owing to the fact that clothing, after a few years’ worth of wear-and-tear, gets worn out. Moreover, changing fashions help to ensure that there will always be room in your dad's cupboard for a new set of a trousers or a jacket.

Buying clothes does, however, involve finding out your dad's measurements. Fortunately, this can be done easily by consulting whoever does his laundry. If he does his own, then perhaps you'll need to be more subtle!

Gifts for the home

There exists an enormous amount of gifts whose purpose is to enliven a dreary room and lend character to an otherwise sterile interior. Get your dad something which will brighten up his home.

This clock will do just the job on any suitable blank wall in your father's kitchen or living room. If it's shelf space you're looking to enliven, then this thermometer might be exactly what's required.

Gifts for the garden

If your dad is the sort of person who takes pride in his garden, then it might be a good idea to get him a gift which will help to give it a finishing touch.

If, on the other hand, your dad's garden is looking a little neglected, then a gift might provide a subtle means of suggesting that he address the situation. After all, there are few things quite so drab as a bare-looking, or overgrown garden.

Gifts to eat & drink

Britain is in the midst of something of a food revolution. More of us than ever before are cooking at home and doing so far more adventurously than our parents and grandparents ever did, supermarkets are stocking their shelves with more and more exotic ingredients too.

If your dad is more of a foodie, then he would almost certainly appreciate a food-related gift. Those with a penchant for different varieties of cheese, for example, will doubtless appreciate this set of adorable knives. Perhaps one which will make his life in the kitchen a little easier, or one which will encourage him to explore new culinary avenues. You never know – you might feel the benefits of your new gift sooner than you imagine!

Men's grooming gifts

Grooming is more important to men than perhaps it ever has been before. Your dad might take his personal appearance very seriously, in which case he'd appreciate a grooming gift; or he might not and therefore require a nudge in that direction. In either case, there are a raft of products to choose from.


If you cannot find an item that suits your dad, then a day out might make a fitting substitute. There are a huge range of companies up and down the country which offer a coordinately huge range of experiences.

If your dad is an adrenaline junky, then there are many different sorts of experience available which will get his blood pumping. Bungee jumping, white-water-rafting, or a track day might go down well. If, on the other hand, your dad prefers to take things a little more easily, then perhaps a more relaxing experience is in order - like a spa break or a round of golf.