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Father's Day Gift Ideas

Here at Gifts From Handpicked, we offer a sizeable selection of items suitable for Father’s day. With the day itself looming large (June 21st) on the horizon, we thought we’d offer some suggestions in order that a last-minute dash be avoided.


my cuppa coffee colour matching mug

It seems that almost everyone in the country drinks either tea or coffee. Moreover, everyone likes to have their own unique mug. Dads, in most cases, are no different. We stock a range of mugs suitable for them. Let’s take a look at some of our favourites.

We are particularly enamoured with this one, which features a comedy moustache printed on the inner lip, so that your dad can quaff his beverage of choice while sporting delicate facial hair. You never know, it might inspire a bout of creativity next time your dad comes to shave!

Our other choice in this category is somewhat more practical. If your dad is a coffee drinker who always struggles to get his brew to the desired strength, then this handy mug might prove useful. It comes with a colour chart printed to its interior, so that whoever is making the coffee can make no mistake about what the appropriate strength should be. With this mug, your dad will be able to ask for a milky, regular, dark and strong or black coffee without even having to verbally say it.

Similarly, this mug will be able to provide the exact same service, but with tea in mind instead of coffee. The colours here are ‘milky’, ‘classic british’, ‘builder’s brew’ and ‘just tea’. Whatever drink your dad favours, we have something that he will appreciate.


bbq coasters perfect for the garden

Of course, it may be that your dad already has plenty of drinking vessels. If that’s the case, then perhaps a set of coasters might make a better gift. This set, for example, is made from marble and bears a number of humorous slogans – each coaster pays tribute to the joys of alcohol and describes a different stage of inebriation, from ‘sober’ to ‘tipsy’ to ‘drunk’ to ‘hangover’.

This set also made from marble, takes a slightly different approach. Each coaster comes emblazoned with images and words which poke fun at the classic period of beer advertisement, in the naïve days before health warnings and drink-awareness. Each of these bears a slogan – though beware, some of them are a little coarser than others!


man cave sign perfect for fathers day

Perhaps your dad already has as many coasters as he needs. If that’s the case, then there’s still ample opportunity to inject some humour into his life; we stock a range of plaques which can adorn the walls and doors of your dad’s office, shed or ‘man cave’.

Fittingly, the words ‘man cave’ are exactly those which adorn this plaque. Hang it in the appropriate place and make everyone in your dad’s household aware of a room’s purpose. Another information broadcast comes in the form of this plaque, which displays a short list of rules. These are rules which most dads will fervently agree with, they come printed onto a piece of wood, complete with a wire hanger.

If you’re feeling particularly cheeky, then you might consider this plaque, which certifies that your dad is a founding member of the ‘grumpy old men’s club’. Suffice to say, we wouldn’t recommend this to any dad without a sense of humour.


gardening accessories perfect for garden lovers

Dads are notorious for accumulating a lot of things. If your dad is in the habit of collecting everything from screws, nails, coins, bottle tops and receipts, then we might have something to help him get a bit more organised. As well as being practical, our storage-related gifts all meet the exacting aesthetic standards we at Gifts From Handpicked demand.

This trio of handy storage caddies are perfectly charming and will sit well on any shelf. They are brightly coloured and labelled ‘bits’, ‘bobs’ and ‘stuff’ – and therefore perfect for cataloguing all of the miscellaneous items in your dad’s life.

Some of our other items are a little more specialised. This tin is perfect for storing all of your dad’s receipts. If he happens to spend a lot of time wandering around shops, then this is an ideal way of keeping track of his expenditure. If he runs his own business, then it may prove even more useful.

If your dad is a little technically-minded, then he might have accrued a number of technical items – or, to give them their technical name, ‘stuff with buttons’. This tin is a perfect container for such items; it will provide even the most untidy of dads with a place to store their various remote-controls, key-fobs, micro-circuitry and any other brick-a-brac they may have.