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Christenings in Spring

Spring is a popular time of year where christenings are concerned. There are many reasons for this, and many of them are very practical. The sun is once again shining and – barring a few inevitable late-April showers – the weather is generally ripe for gatherings of family and friends. Many beautiful flowers are in bloom during springtime and the lighting is just right for outdoor photo opportunities.

There are also a great many religious and cultural reasons for holding a christening in the springtime. Many children of Christian parents were, historically, baptised during the Easter Sunday service itself. Similarly, many Christians choose to confirm their baptismal vows alongside this new intake, as part of the same Easter service.

The historical (or, depending on your point of view, mythical) events which Christian festivals like Christmas and Easter commemorate did not take place on the days which we celebrate. Christ was not born in Christmas, nor did he die on Good Friday (nor, in fact, could he have died on Good Friday, since the date changes every year). The Christian calendar has been shaped to a large extent from the pagan ones which preceded it and these in turn are shaped by natural events like the change of seasons. Spring is a time when the natural world emerges from winter – trees begin to regrow their leaves, while mammals emerge from hibernation. It should come as little surprise then, that the season should bring with it a festival commemorating awakening, rebirth and new life.

Whilst Easter has already come and gone, there is still a great deal of springtime left. Statistically speaking, this means that there a great many christenings that shall take place in the near future.

What gift should I bring?

Once you’ve been invited to attend one, you’ll likely be expected to bring along a gift. Your hosts may have provided you with a list of presents to go out and buy. But if they haven’t, then you will need to think of one yourself. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some suitable candidates.

Rag Doll

powell craft rag doll with playful dress

One of the most popular toys among children are dolls. Children, for whatever reason, are fascinated with them. It is reasonable to assume then, that such a gift will be well-appreciated and a great gift for commemorating a life event such as a christening. There are a huge variety of dolls available to choose from. Maybe one styled after a bunny rabbit, which will appeal to the sensibilities of both boys and girls.

Box of Memories     

christening keepsake box

Few gifts, however spectacular they may be, will be able to eclipse the memories a child will create for its parents during the first year of their life. This early stage tends to fly by with bewildering speed – before long the child will be starting school, dating, marrying and having children of their own. Wouldn’t it be nice to have somewhere to store some mementos of that early, more innocent stage?

That is exactly the purpose of this memory box, designed as a storage facility for all of those sentimental items from that first year or so. In it can be stored early attempts at writing, drawing and sculpture, which can be unearthed many years later, to delight and embarrass their creators in equal measure.

Naughty Seat

naught stool perfect for the home

Self-described super nanny Jo Frost has achieved global superstardom with her multiple television series depicting her efforts to get seeming uncontrollable children under control. One of her most famous tactics involves forcing children to sit on a so-called ‘naughty step’ where they can sit until they learn the error of their ways.

Parents took up this tactic with such enthusiasm that a whole slew of chairs, benches and stools have been designed with just this purpose in mind. This one comes in charming white and red and its seat is emblazoned with a greeting to would-be naughty children.

The parents of whoever received this as a gift will have a deterrent available to their errant offspring – one that will prove useful during the early years and as a hilarious reminder of those early years once they have passed.

Cowboy and Indian Bookends

boys cowboy and indian bookend

It is an opinion widely-held among neuroscientists that encouraging children to read from an early age will improve their concentration skills and overall intelligence later in life. Parents should therefore read bedtime stories to their children. After a while, it’s highly likely that a sizeable library will have formed. It should go without saying that every respectable children’s library can be vastly improved with the addition of some bookends. These ones, sporting cowboys, Indians and charmingly-stylised cacti, are particularly delightful.

What to wear to a christening?

Once you’ve picked out a gift for the new baby, you’ll have to think of something to wear to the christening. It’s important to bear in mind that you’re not attending a funeral – this is a time for celebrating and therefore bright colours are called for especially during spring with it being bright and hot. However, the celebration should not be quite as enthusiastic as it might be for a wedding – you should not, ideally, be attempting to make a fashion statement.

For men, this decision is a great deal easier than it is for women – simply throw on a suit you have prepared for these occasions and accompany it with a suitably lively tie. Women, to their misfortune, have a great deal more to consider; they therefore run the risk of being assailed with lengthy lists of dos and don’ts whenever they seek fashion advice from articles such as this one.

The only real pitfall one can fall into is showing too much flesh. While times are a great deal more liberal than perhaps they ever have been and this trend is reflected in the attitudes of the churches (though the extent of this reflection is more pronounced in some denominations than in others) it’s advisable in general to err on the side of modesty. This means that thighs, cleavage and shoulders should be concealed – if only to avoid the disdain of your more elderly relatives.