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What we love about Spring Fair International

Spring Fair International is about to be held in Birmingham’s NEC and the excitement surrounding the event is palpable. But for those that haven’t been, the reason behind this excitement might not be immediately obvious. Why, exactly, is Spring Fair so beloved among retailers and designers alike?

The range of products is huge

variety of different gifts from all over the country

Spring Fair International is the UK’s largest gift trade fair, bringing together designers from a huge variety of fields. As such, there are a huge variety of products on display: in all, over 300,000 products, representing thirteen different sectors. 

Anything which could conceivably be presented as a gift is represented – and much of it exclusive to the spring fair. If you are a designer looking for inspiration, you are sure to find it here! Likewise, if you are a retailer looking for something which will make your store stand out, then there is no better place to look. But if you aren’t yet involved in the industry and are just curious, then you are more than welcome to come along and see what the fuss is about!

autumn fair at the nec birmingham

The atmosphere is electric

During spring fair, designers and exhibitors from around the world are brought together in one place, all of them keen to show off their wares and to discover the next big thing. You never know where this might turn up – and it is this sense of discovery that makes the fair so compelling. As you might imagine, the buzz around the fair when it in full swing is tremendous.

You’ll learn new things

It’s not just the stalls that are worth getting excited over. Spring Fair also plays host to educational seminars from a number of esteemed speakers. There are so many, in fact, that they are hosted on three separate theatres – each catering to a specific field.

Trends and Innovation

The trends and innovations are the centre of the Fair. After all, what better reason is there to come to a festival than to discover what’s new and what the future holds? Here you can learn the best ways to boost your sales from those that know how.


The world of online retail is one which is vitally important to the modern retailer.  Here, you can learn how to attract traffic to your website, how to get the best out of your social media presence, and optimise the design of your site.


We’d all love to be able to expand our businesses to foreign shores. Our range of experts will explore the pitfalls of doing so and explain how those pitfalls can be avoided. You’ll even be able to quiz them afterwards!

It’s free to enter!

One should not discount one of the most significant features of spring fair – it’s free. It’s this philosophy that has brought together such a diverse range of minds – whose means might otherwise not allow for it. So, if you’re considering coming along, you really have no excuse to do otherwise. Why not reserve your ticket today?

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